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Dairy Free Easter eggs

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Jambuttie Thu 14-Feb-08 12:37:25


Looking for ideas on what to get for DT1 for easter- can you get lacto free easter eggs?

cedar12 Thu 14-Feb-08 12:43:23

I had this problem with dd I found one in waitrose I think in the end.

MegBusset Thu 14-Feb-08 12:47:15

I think Green & Blacks do one?

Jambuttie Thu 14-Feb-08 13:59:52

green & blacks

Cher19 Thu 14-Feb-08 20:45:14

Kinnerton do a range of easter products - they specialise in dairy/egg/nut free chocolate and have a whole factory which is nut free!

I have seen their eggs in Waitrose.

mumclaire Thu 14-Feb-08 20:49:49

Saw a simpsons one and a winnie the pooh one in asda today - both kinnerton. Dark choc eggs with fruit jelly sweets

gigglewitch Thu 14-Feb-08 20:55:17

we have had the plain chocolate eggs from Thorntons the last 5 years. These days they won't advertise that it is dairy free (they used to) as it is made in the same place as their other milk chocs. It is df though wink the label has never stated any milk products and my three have been well thrilled with having eggs - their names iced on too grin BUT I haven't checked this year's batch yet. I cried the first year we got them cos my DC had never had easter eggs before blush

laura032004 Thu 14-Feb-08 20:59:57

DS1 always had the G&B dark choc egg.

Jambuttie Thu 14-Feb-08 21:12:27

wow must have a look for him so he dont feel all left out. Got him a wee bowl , mug thing with Roary racing car on it today was going to try open it remove the chocolate eggs and putt jelly sweets in!!!

coastalmum Thu 14-Feb-08 23:18:50

My DS doesn't like dark chocolate. I buy him the Easter jelly lollys and Humdinger Dairy Free Button (soya milk chocolate) which you can get in Holland and Barret & Boots.

He also got given soya milk choc lollies from Sainsbuys and M&S. Our families have made it their mission to source soya milk choc smile

Saturn74 Thu 14-Feb-08 23:26:34

Hotel Chocolat sell scrumptious dairy-free easter eggs online.
Very expensive, but a little goes a long way.
DS2 finished his at Christmas! grin

Mumfie68 Fri 15-Feb-08 08:06:41

Coastalmum, are the soya milk choc lollies and buttons nut and egg free too, do you know?

coastalmum Fri 15-Feb-08 12:02:14

just checked the packaging on the buttons, yes they are nut and egg free too.

I like the fact the packaging is very similar to cadbury buttons so my DS (3) doesn't feel too different from his siblings.

Haven't got any lollies left, sorry.

Mumfie68 Fri 15-Feb-08 12:28:17

Brill, thanks for the info, it's always good to find safe treats!

Jambuttie Mon 18-Feb-08 14:40:37

I found some grren & blacks chocolate today woohoo( sshhhh but I thought when I heard green & blacks it was a shop like holland and barrettblush)

Wow it's well rich anyway isnt it. Asked in the health shop too about easter eggs they hope to get them in but are unsure. The tesco i was in had NONE!!! must keep trying for him can't have him waking up on easter sunday and the bunny only leaving certain jelly sweets

trixymalixy Tue 19-Feb-08 09:26:19

I have bought an easter egg mould kit from Sainsburys and will be attemting to make DS an egg with their soya chocolate.

beki81 Fri 06-Feb-09 12:14:02

I just wanted to let everyone know, for those of you searching for dairy free easter eggs this year (2009), Thorntons will be bringing out a dark chocolate, dairy free egg (120g) in the next week or so. It will be available in store, not on line, and the product code is 7371 for stores to order it in.
Hope this helps all mums like me, forever searching for dairy free alternatives for their children!!

loobeylou Fri 06-Feb-09 17:44:28

Sainsburys had a df egg last yr in the freefrom scetion, but it was very expensive for a hollow egg!

we go with thorntons, non DF siblings can have very similar so they all feel treated the same

silverfrog Fri 06-Feb-09 17:49:08

try dietaryneedsdirect, or goodness direct. sorry no links have a wilting dd1 on my lap!

also try the vegan society, they often do a good range of df choc

psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 17:57:41

oh fantastic.

thorntons have been promising me now for yonks that they are bringing out dairy-free choc, each time I go in I ask.

Jungaz Sun 08-Feb-09 14:16:18

Sainsbury s do a fab range x

babybarrister Sun 08-Feb-09 20:55:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IlanaK Sun 08-Feb-09 21:14:31

Hang on - I thought the issue with Green and Blacks was that they recently changed their packaging as it is made in the same factory as milk products (presumably their other chocolates) and therefore couldn't guarantee dairy free. here is the info - they add it to the ingredients on the label despite it not actually being in the chocolate.

Mumfie68 Mon 09-Feb-09 07:58:44

Yes but that means they're not suitable for those with a severe dairy allergy.

BTW any info on whether the Thornton's DF eggs have a nut warning on them?

sweetleaf Mon 02-Mar-09 20:39:35

Hi all, go to Dietry needs direct, they have dairy/soya/nut etc etc free easter goodies and is very good at Xmas as well for novelty choco lollies etc. prodCategoryID=40

the best site for chocolate i have found(not novelty stuff though) is Plamil, very very good chocolate, the organic stuff is Dairy, soya, nut free and tastes lovely

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