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Nutramigen in foods - advice needed!

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Dakiara Wed 30-Jan-08 13:25:05


Just started using this to supplement my son's diet (he is dairy allergic) at nine months. Other than using a quarter of a banana and an equivalent amount of another strong fruit mixed in with 30ml in his porridge however, I cannot for the life of me think of anything to use it in! Has anyone got any good recipes that would contain it yet disguise it's taste? (he's not allowed soya, sheep milk, goat milk or egg either, and I haven't yet tried to introduce berries)

My dietician said to use it in food, but I also forgot to ask her if it had to be made up into icky liquid (from the icky powder form) first - anyone know?

Many thanks!

rebelmum1 Wed 30-Jan-08 13:31:10

Have you tried oat milk, almond milk or rice milk?

rebelmum1 Wed 30-Jan-08 13:38:45

look here at this milk free site:

EzrasMummy Wed 30-Jan-08 13:48:51

My daughter is 9 months too and is allergic to cows milk. She has pregestimil. Anyway you can make it up, and then add it to food. thats what my dietician said to me. just treat as normal milk.

Also my daughter likes her porridge made with water only. but sometimes i mash half a banana or make some apple sauce and add that. Baked peaches are supposed to be nice too. You could bake them in the oven and puree or mash them and freeze and when you want to, add to porridge. Its nice adding them to baby rice too for pudding with milk/water.

Dakiara Wed 30-Jan-08 23:25:06

Cheers all, will give the ideas a try. The custard idea sounds intruiging, though am somewhat nervous what Nutramigen custard would actually taste like hmm!

aberdeenhiker Mon 04-Feb-08 08:15:44

Rice milk is nice for cooking for your son - I use it for my 19 month old and have since he was 6 months. The taste of the formula is just too strong (he drinks the formula happily but I can't bear to cook with it).

cherryredretrochick Mon 04-Feb-08 08:21:02

Custard, with the old fashioned birds powder, although actually you would have to check for egg.
You can make anything you would make with milk, although it might taste minking to us you will be suprised what a child likes.

Dakiara Tue 05-Feb-08 07:51:22

/me pops birds powder down on her shopping list next to rice milk (still keeping eye open for oat milk as we haven't made it out of the house in a couple of weeks shock) grin

Been trying to cut back on the flavourings I have to use in his porridge to get him to eat it with the Nutramigen in, but so far he insists on it - yesterday we had raisin water (from soaking a handful of raisins, a third of a pear, a third of a banana and a third mix of oatibix with porridge before he ate it! O_O Perhaps he's just holding out for all the fruit in it... hmm Will see how he copes when I replace the rest of the water with rice milk tomorrow! wink

Still, he's probably getting 10ml a day so it's an improvement at least!

Thanks again all!

taniashort Mon 11-Feb-08 19:05:24

I REALLY sympathise - I started my son off with a 9:1 mix of sweet rice milk: nutramigen to drink and then gradually increased the ratio until he was accepting the nutramigen pure. He hated it in foods and I never got him to eat in in foods. Tht said, he is now five and LOVES loads of different foods so once they get used to the taste they get an amazingly wide-ranging palate for food types.

williamsmummy Tue 12-Feb-08 22:19:11

mashed potato?

Cher19 Thu 14-Feb-08 20:51:39

We used nutramigen for 3 years and was glad to finally ween DS onto soya milk at age 4!
I tried cooking a few options - but all were rejected.
Instead we went for using it as a milk supplement and accepted that it would take time for it to be liked. (It does stink!).
Breakfast is quite a good way using weetabix or porridge. We eventually moved onto Bran Flakes.
Normal foods for the whole family was more complicated. We bought a bread machine and could make breads and cakes for all of us to eat. Ok it didn't have Newt (as we 'fondly' called it) - but a tasty treat all the same.
Have you discovered 'Pure' margarine which is also dairy free?

Deux Thu 14-Feb-08 21:03:13

You can get recipes from Nutramigen - check the tin as there should be details on it of how to go about it. That said they were all rejected by my DS! I even attempted to make a sponge with nutramigen - ghastly!

Like the other posters I used rice milk, the added calcium one, to mix with porridge etc and DS was happy with that.

coastalmum Thu 14-Feb-08 23:31:07

Oat milk is my prefered choice for cooking, it makes delicious pancakes, rice pudding etc. But DS2 prefers drinking rice milk.

I found the fridge section in Holland & barrat the best place to find new products. Tho my DS2 thought rice cheese was 'disgusting', but adores Swedish Glace (icecream).

DS2 was tested at 16months and put under the care of a Dietician. DS3 was tested at 8wks, and is also seeing Dietician.

Dakiara Fri 22-Feb-08 09:18:15

Thanks all!

Have gotten some recipes from Nutramigen now, so working my way through those gradually. He's taking some properly in porridge now, which is a plus, and doesn't need all the banana to eat it, so cutting that out this week to see what happens.

Dietician reckons I should introduce it as a drink incase for some reason I ever have to stop breastfeeding (which is probably a good point), but at the moment we're having "drink hits wall" and "how much can I retch and vomit after a sip" rejection techniques! wink He's a stubborn wee mite like his mother!!!

I think my next step is using it to make fruit smoothies (possibly with oat or rice milk) - worst scenario case he would survive on food during the day and those at night just incase, lol! Though that would probably make the dietician spin in their bed at night! wink

Oh, and broke out the bread machine as suggested plus using Pure, which he seems to really like!

Much 'preciate all the suggestions and ideas.

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