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Where can i buy Aveeno ?? Online ..

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Shell001 Tue 29-Jan-08 21:55:16

Anyone help with best place to buy ?

Smithy Tue 29-Jan-08 21:58:24

I've seen it in Boots. Which product are you after?

Gingerbear Tue 29-Jan-08 21:58:41

Boots sell it - they may do online too.

bran Tue 29-Jan-08 21:59:55

I buy it here. They have a very wide range (although not as wide a range as you can get in the States).

bran Tue 29-Jan-08 22:02:07

If you use Aveeno for ezcema I've found that this one works well for DS. It keeps his skin nice and supple and helps to prevent flare ups.

Piffle Tue 29-Jan-08 22:02:36

eBay often has aveeno things

LadyCellophane Tue 29-Jan-08 22:09:19

Yep, Boots. And you can get it on prescription.

Shell001 Wed 30-Jan-08 10:34:15

Its for my DS and his ezcema ... DS is 4.5 months .. which product should i use ?

spokette Wed 30-Jan-08 10:36:03

I buy it in Boots for myself. It is fabulous - really calms my skin down when it flares

Shell001 Wed 30-Jan-08 11:03:36

would you say baby range for DS ?

bran Wed 30-Jan-08 11:48:07

I would go for the one in my second link. The baby range is good, but it's not as moisturising as the intense relief. I apply it liberally twice a day.

For the bath I recommend Oilatum junior or Aveeno shower and bath oil or bath sachets. If you're using the bath sachets in a baby bath you would probably on need a quarter of a sachet.

Eczema seems to be quite varied between sufferers, so you might find that a cream that works very well for someone else might not have much effect on your DS. I would say keep trying different things until you find something that works. There is another range of products that has been recommended by MNetters, I'll see if I can find a link to it.

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 30-Jan-08 11:48:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oliveoil Wed 30-Jan-08 11:49:52

go to your gp and they will prescribe the correct on FOR FREE

bran Wed 30-Jan-08 11:52:49

The trouble with a prescription is that you have to find a pharmacists that stocks the one that you want, or do will they order the one that you want?

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 30-Jan-08 11:56:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shell001 Wed 30-Jan-08 12:00:33

Yes ive ordered few products online from your link and your one you talk of .. plus going to ask doctor ... thanks for all your help its so hard to feel your doing the right thing these days .. hv dont really help every other one tells you a different thing .. its so upsetting dont being able to get it right ..

bran Wed 30-Jan-08 12:12:19

Elena's Nature Collection is the one I was thinking of. I've never tried it because Aveeno works so well for ds, but it has been recommended by several people on MN. Definitely go and see your gp about it. He may prescribe steroid cream as well as moisturisers etc. I don't like using steroid cream on ds, but if he has a flare up it's better to use it for 3 or 4 days than to risk the eczema becoming infected because ds scratches it. I probably only use the steriod cream every 3 months or so, so hopefully it won't have any permanent effect on ds's skin. I hope your ds is feeling much better soon.

It's worth doing a search on eczema, there is lots of good info about it on MN.

I'm still not convinced that you can get the Intense Relief Overnight Aveeno on prescription. Aveeno don't sell it at all in the UK and I'm a bit doubtful that the parmacist would order it from the US for me. I might give it a go if I have to take ds back to the gp.

Spockster Wed 30-Jan-08 12:22:55

My local Lloys has Aveeno
I find Johnsons baby naturals to be v similar

Shell001 Wed 30-Jan-08 13:37:20

bran - thanks i did look into elena's and called them up that will be my next option thought id try aveeno first ... plus see what my gp has to say .. thanks everyone

Shell001 Wed 30-Jan-08 13:42:29

bran - thanks i did look into elena's and called them up that will be my next option thought id try aveeno first ... plus see what my gp has to say .. thanks everyone

LadyCellophane Wed 30-Jan-08 15:36:29

If it helps, DH gets Aveeno bath oil on prescription. Helps him a lot.

pluckzgckv Wed 10-Apr-13 18:44:06

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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