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anyone have latex allergy?

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onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 20:08:10

i have a few allergies and have anaphalactic reactions to milk & animals,nicel, household cleaners windowlene is a nightmare bananas kiwi also give a reaction but not as bad, the allery clinic said as i was allergic to kiwi i should aviod latex as they are related, i have started to react to ballons and today i went to the dentist, they used latex free gloves but bits of latexs got to me so am now under the influence of piriton have itchy nose and throat and attractive red swollen eyes, anyone else suffer from this, or got any useful ideas

JoolsToo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:09:37

thought this was going to be rude

sorry no ideas either!

jampot Tue 30-Nov-04 20:10:31

my friend is allergic to bananas and peppers and was also told she should avoid latex

JoolsToo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:11:05


onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 20:12:28

well obviously i had to give up the rubber gear

JoolsToo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:15:07

aah! now we're getting to it - and?

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 20:17:35

it was a serious question jools, thou i suppose it could sound a bit rude depending how your mind works

cariboo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:19:16

I'm also allergic to latex and have been told to avoid kiwi fruit. I have anaphylaxis (sp?) with peanuts. Seriously, this is no joke.

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 20:25:36

cariboo, any tips for me what things have latex in them ? thanks

JoolsToo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:27:03

sorry oj - you're name doesn't help either

I'll leave you to it (bows out gracefully)!

popsycal Tue 30-Nov-04 20:27:44

i know someone with a latex allergy - balloons are a no-no

advocateofthedevil Tue 30-Nov-04 20:28:41


popsycal Tue 30-Nov-04 20:32:00

PVA glue ( I think...)

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 20:49:57

no offence taken joolstoo, like you say dodgy title and dodgy name

cariboo Tue 30-Nov-04 20:52:14

onlyjoking, beware of rubber gloves, condoms (only Avanti will do but they don't bloody work -- see my other thread), blowing up kiddies balloons, doctors, dentists...

misdee Tue 30-Nov-04 20:55:21

avanti rustle dont they. lol kinda off putting when your getting down to it.

cariboo Tue 30-Nov-04 21:00:00

bloody things! Can't take hormones in any shape or form. What are the other choices?

misdee Tue 30-Nov-04 21:04:00

no sex?

i honestly dont know. is there no other option?

cariboo Tue 30-Nov-04 21:08:39

Sterilisation... yuck! (Never Say Never Again). IUD, I guess. Painful and messy periods tho'.

Ghosty Tue 30-Nov-04 21:39:59

Onlyjoking ... I will bump this for you as I know that kinderbob's little boy is allergic to latex and she is in NZ like me so might not see it till later on ...
Hope you get some answers ...

KatieMac Tue 30-Nov-04 21:45:07

I only have a contact allergy to 'rubber' - but varying types....wellies, pumps, trainers, cheap shoes, rubber gloves, condoms, glasses, contact lenses,......add in metals and you can hardley do anything

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 21:53:30

thanks ghosty, katiemac, i am allergic to nickel too if i wear jeans i end up with a nasty reaction on my tummy where the metal fastener has been, i have tried putting nail varnish onto jeans but no good, i cant even tuck tee shirts in as they are all so short.

onlyjoking9329 Tue 30-Nov-04 21:55:07

you are like me then katie mac no rubber dresses and no handcuffs ect

kinderbob Thu 02-Dec-04 17:21:55

Argh, dentists who use latex free gloves, but make sure they touch the latex ones anyway so you still get a reaction!

PVA glue one is interesting, I wonder that's why my son comes home from preschool looking like a burns victim sometimes.

Sticking plasters also contain latex apart from some of the sensitive ones.

KatieMaChristmas Thu 02-Dec-04 19:04:38

Picture this...
4yoG saying: I don't want a plaster....I don't want a plaster!
Teacher: Don't be silly dear....
1.5 hrs later: Mother collects and rips plaster off - explaining that her DD doesn't wear plasters....
3hrs after that: enjoyable wait in casualty to get swelling down

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