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Excema for first time at 2 and a half - how, why, what??

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dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 21:30:54

it started about a month ago and is getting worse every day. saw the doctor a couple of weeks ago and he prescribed Diprobase ointment. it is much worse now than it was. am making new appointment but in meantime does anyone have any suggestions to help it? I'm just so surprised she suddenly has it at this age. the worse she's had before is dry skin in winter. thanks in advance, Dinny

Yorkiegirl Mon 29-Nov-04 21:32:19

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 29-Nov-04 21:34:50

Message withdrawn

fairydust Mon 29-Nov-04 21:37:00

dd developed it really bad last year - -so bad she was admitted into hospital.

Anyway we found the change of heat in the house triggered it - we went from a house that had GCH that was mostly turned off when she went to bed as it got really hot - to storage heaters which makes the house like the tropics.

Anyway this winter we've not put dd heater on in her room only in the surroinding rooms and so far only have one small patch.

this may be totally useless to you but thought i'd mention it anyway.

fairydust Mon 29-Nov-04 21:37:56

that's another thing as well milk - dd increased her milk last winter to wanting warm milk - we've found she's not allergetic but at the same time her body can't tolerate a lot of it.

KBear Mon 29-Nov-04 21:38:48

Strangely enough, I've just been to the doc tonight about my DD's skin - she is nearly 6 and has just started getting eczema. She has it in her elbow creases and all over her bum cheeks (strange place I thought). I can't believe it really - her skin has always been fine. Doc has prescribed hydrocortisone.

My DS had baby eczema (he is allergic to bananas I discovered) and since I cut them out of his diet his eczema has cleared up completely. His face was red raw and used to crack and was so sore. Hurray for the internet - found the banana thing by chance and it was his miracle.

Diprobase is a moisturiser by the way. It's sort of the first step in treating it.


misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:41:46

Change in weather, heating in the house, different clothes being worn etc. in summer, houses arent heated as much, windows are opened, clothes are light cotton type clothing, and most houses get aired frequently meanign the house dust mite and other allergens are removed from the air. in winter the opposite happens, we have heating on, keep windows closed etc. add all the things togather and outbreaks of eczema can occcur. we are looking into getting a himiderfyer (spellign is bad sorry) for dd's room as there skin has gotton bad since the heating went on. one thing u can do is to try and keep her room cool at night, place a bowl of water or a wet flannel on the radiator and keep her well moisturised.


Yorkiegirl Mon 29-Nov-04 21:43:38

Message withdrawn

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:44:07

are you airing the rest of the house at all?

dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 21:45:12

thanks everyone (excuse crap spelling oif eczema). she has it all over chest and it's spreading to arms and legs now. she says it's itchy though (do she her scritching at night a bit). she does like milk - but only has a cup at bedtime. is that enough to trigger it?

Lockets - next Thurs ok?

Yorkiegirl Mon 29-Nov-04 21:45:14

Message withdrawn

KBear Mon 29-Nov-04 21:47:16

I think finding the thing that triggers it is like finding a needle in a haystack. I researched it on the internet constantly and I struck lucky. It's trial and error. Docs will always say washing powder, etc can trigger it but I'm more inclined to think that will aggravate rather than trigger it off.

Hope you find your cure but in the meantime cut out bananas for a week and see if there is any improvement.

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:47:19

tbh if she has been drinking milk now without problems and hasnt increased her intake i'd probably wouldnt consider it a trigger. has any other dietry/enviromental changes happened at all? change of soap powder? bath products? introduction of a new pet?

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:48:17

good girl YG, people complain that ts cold in mien if they pop round whilst we're sitring the place. i tend to do it when the girls are out already.

dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 21:48:45

our place is old Georgian, full of drafts and quite cold.

have just thought - nursery is pretty hot at the moment (dd is there 3 days a week). Could that be it? What shoudl I do? Dress her in cool clothes I suppose? Ask for heating to be turned down?

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:49:32

cool cotton clothing. are they using soaps on her?

just make she she isnt chilly.

Yorkiegirl Mon 29-Nov-04 21:50:01

Message withdrawn

KBear Mon 29-Nov-04 21:50:48

I was thinking... would it do any harm to get a second opinion about the diagnosis of eczema? could it be an allergic reaction to something?

I understand piriton is good to relieve the symptons of itching - my DD had some for an allergic reaction she had recently (rash head to toe for four days - no apparent reason). Check with Doc though - might not be suitable for eczema sufferers.

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:51:18

YG, how tall is your dd? i have a sleep set from cotton comfort i was gonna sell, its for 100cm, so age 3-4. could help your dd. mine have outgrown it. only bought it 4 months ago.

dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 21:51:28

will defo dress her more lightly. poor little thing

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:51:52

piriton is good for eczema kids, makes them drowaey as well

dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 22:12:58

dd's seemed to start jujst after this horrible chesty cough/cold bug she had. coincidence or could it have something to do with it?

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 22:13:22

did she have antibiotics?

dinny Mon 29-Nov-04 22:18:11

no, she's never had antibiotics

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 22:20:02

could still try some probiotics as well to re balence her gut flora. not sure which ones tho, other people on here know more about that.

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