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Formula and bad skin - a link??

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MrsFish Sun 13-Jan-08 08:22:03

Hi there

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of using formula and their lo's having really bad dry and red skin (not eczema, it doesn't seem to bother him, just looks bad) I started off using Aptamil which didn't agree with him stomach wise, so I changed to Cow and Gate comfort, but I can't remember whether his skin was bad before that now. I have tried Aveeno cream, diprobase, epaderm and now they have given me an Evening Primrose cream to try, all to no avail, nothing seems to help at all. I have recently started to wonder whether it could be anything to do with the formula, and until I can next see the HV thought I would ask here to see if anyone had had similar problems.

close up

all over

His back and bottom are clear funnily enough, its just all over his front, and he has a really dry face and scalp too.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

cherryredretrochick Sun 13-Jan-08 08:31:56

Looks like excema to me.

Buda Sun 13-Jan-08 08:35:34

He is very cute!

It does look nasty. He doesn't scratch at all?

DS had really blotchy red skin on his face when he was a baby but I thought it was just down to the fact that we lived in Bulgaria and the air was very dry.

When he was about 16 months I started weaning him on to cow's milk from formula and his skin got much much worse. Took him to a paed and she said it was a mild allergy and she recommended Nestle Nan which is a hypoallergenic formula and said to avoid dairy. We cut dairy out for a year and it really improved. He is now 6 and still gets itchy dry skin at times.

So - yes it could be the formula. It doesn't seem to be on his face? Makes me think it could maybe washing powder or softener too.

cherryredretrochick Sun 13-Jan-08 08:39:18

Buda makes a very good point, you could try something like surcare for your washing.

Pixiefish Sun 13-Jan-08 08:41:19

i'd ask to see a dermatologist.does i feel warm?

kinki Sun 13-Jan-08 08:55:20

Can't help I'm afraid MrsF, but couldn't pass by without saying how gorgeous ds is.

(It's not due to a soap product is it?? His back and bottom aren't affected, and laying in a bath these areas don't get so much attention and get rinsed better.
Just a thought, ignore at will!)

Tamdin Sun 13-Jan-08 08:57:56

mrs fish yes. ds was bf until 8 months and then i put him on hipp organic. turned out he was allergic to cows milk formula and his skin cleared up instantly when we swapped to soya formula. (on the hipp f he was also very sneezy)hth

MrsFish Sun 13-Jan-08 10:40:26

cherryred - My HV said it wasn't eczema, I'm no doctor so have just taken her word for it. His skin isn't infected or weeping at all, it is just very very dry and it feels like he needs a good going over with a stiff brush Oh and it doesn't feel warm either.

Buda - no he doesn't scratch at all, and it doesn't seem to bother him when I am rubbing all the cream in either. I don't think it is washing powder because his back and bum are completely clear, surely if it was the powder they would be bad too? I am already using non bio and the gentlest of softeners.

Hi Kinki thanks for dropping by

Tamdin - that's interesting about the sneezing, as ds does also sneeze a lot. I will mention it to the HV next week.

cherryredretrochick Sun 13-Jan-08 10:45:31

there is a link between excess mucus and some form of milk intolerance, definatley worth talking to HV. HV aren't always that helpful once you start to mention dietry things though so don't be disheartened.

MrsFish Sun 13-Jan-08 11:06:57

OK, I'll try and push for an answer. It suggests it may be dietry if none of the creams I have tried have helped at all.

hercules1 Sun 13-Jan-08 11:09:16

I would go to your GP and bypass the hv on this one.

hercules1 Sun 13-Jan-08 11:10:03

Your hv is no doctor either !

MrsFish Sun 13-Jan-08 11:14:23

I have an appt with the doc next week too actually, so I'll mention it to her

Pannacotta Sun 13-Jan-08 11:27:26

I think the it might be linked to lack of essential fatty acids in formula (these exist in breast milk).
Think some formulas have them added now, might be worth looking into this if you can find info it.

alicet Sun 13-Jan-08 14:35:45

Hi there,

He is so gorgeous!!!

I have to say that I think this looks like eczema in the close up pic - I know I'm a doc but I don't have much experience with kids / skin problems so your GP will def be better to advise esp as it might look different in rl - I agree with the poster who said to see the GP and not rely on what your hv says.

I was also wondering if it could be irritation from washing powder if his face and bum are relatively spared - his nappy will mean his bottom isn't in contact with his clothes. This doesn't fit so much with his back being spared though but just another thought.

Sorry don't know about a link to formula other than ff is assoc with a higher incidence of eczema than bf.

At least he isn't bothered by it though but be interested to know what your doc says!

MrsFish Sun 13-Jan-08 16:30:05

alicet - he has it on his face too, his forehead is particularly bad along with his scalp, but it is also on his cheeks too. I'll see what the doc says and let you know

Pixiefish Sun 13-Jan-08 17:19:39

was going to say exactly that hercules- your hv may be an expert on babies but she hasn't qualified as highly as a dermatologist.

Whatever it is it need ssorting- I'd go to the gp and ask for a referral to a dermatologist

FloriaTosca Sun 13-Jan-08 22:27:19

Ahh the poor little darling..and I second those who have already said that he is utterly gorgeous

Aqueous cream might help ease is what they used to smother my brother in when he has eczema as a child and I must say that it does look similar to what he suffered ... I hope the doctor will give you a correct my brothers case his skin improved when he stopped having dairy products after weaning...I do hope your lo improves soon

MrsFish Mon 14-Jan-08 08:38:11

Thanks for all your replies. I am going to try changing the washing powder in the interim, and I will mention it to the doctor when I see her on thursday

amidaiwish Mon 14-Jan-08 09:36:29

i would definitely try switching formula too.

DD2's face would get hot and red and she used to scratch it until it bled. She also had patches of eczema on her body but not like your ds (which btw looks like eczema to me!). Within two weeks of changing her onto Babynat organic formula it disappeared.

A friend's baby had a very similar rash to your ds. She also was clear on the nappy area. She changed formula (to soya) after seeing the instant success we had and it cleared up in a week.

Good luck!

MrsFish Mon 14-Jan-08 09:46:41

Interesting to know thanks. It doesn't bother him at all, he doesn't scratch and he doesn't bat an eyelid when I rub the cream in, I thought eczema was itchy? I will speak to the doc on thurs and see what she says I'm loathe to switch formula again atm because he is so settled on it in every other way. Of course if the doc suggests it I will give it a go.

Bilbomum Mon 14-Jan-08 10:00:32

This does look like eczema to me, my son has suffered since he was 6 weeks old (and still does now aged 16 months but to a lesser degree). DS didn't seem to cotton on to scratching until he was older 10/11 months and now there's no stopping him sad. Although he had it all over his body it never affected his bum or back which the dermatologist told me was common in smaller babies. His is linked to food allergies (dairy/egg/sesame/nut) but even with those cut out of his (and my) diet he still has problems. Cutting out dairy was definitely a turning point for us though. Get to the GP for a diagnosis don't rely on the HV. BTW he looks a cutie!

MrsFish Mon 14-Jan-08 10:39:21

Thanks bilbomum - I really hope it isn't eczema I will let you all know what the doc says.

WowOoo Mon 14-Jan-08 10:44:11

hi, no expert either. Boiled water is good for all of us. I always gave ds water to drink when he was just a bit thirsty. I used Hipp formula when I stopped bf.
Ecover etc fabric conditioners smell lush and contain far less nasty stuff. (pricey mind) if you use them on his bedsheets etc
Worth considering maybe?....

Ina7 Tue 15-Jan-08 13:12:03

My daughter had the same problem and we tried everything, until we realized it is Aptamil. we switched to Cow and Gate and her face cleared within 72 hours.
Hope this helps

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