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fish allergy?

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bigbumhole Mon 07-Jan-08 15:53:04

hello. My DD is 2, and when she was 1, i made her a tuna bake. That night, (apx 4 hrs after eating it) she was horrific sickness like ive never seen before. She kept on being sick for a further 6 hrs. She was under the weather for the following day but then she was ok.

When she was 14months old we tried her on some cod (about 2 small spoonfulls), and she had the same reaction, horrific sickness, she had runny poo that stank SO strong, and the sickness lasted for about 2 days, and the bad nappies for about a week.

She accidentally had a bit of fish when she was 18months old (tiny piece, about the size of a 1p) and she had all the same symptoms (immediately almost), but this time she swelled up like a balloon, all over, including hands, face etc. It was awful.

She's now 2, and she hasn't had fish since. The doctor said it "sounds like a fish allergy" but nothing has even been medically confirmed or done about it.

Has anyone got experience of fish allergy? I'm scared incase she comes across fish in the future and has an even worse reaction.

We have nothing to give her incase it happens, and i don't even know what i should do or how to handle it, and as she gets older, the reactions seem to get more severe.

Any feedback would be great. Many thanks

KrippledKerryMum Mon 07-Jan-08 15:56:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigbumhole Mon 07-Jan-08 16:11:41

Thanks, we avoid fish like the plague here, me or DP don't even eat it just incase.

Do you have experience of allergy testing? How do they do it? Will they give her fish and see what happens?

Also a total random question, we have since had another baby, is she at risk of fish? Do allergy's tend to run in families or is a one off thing?

KrippledKerryMum Mon 07-Jan-08 16:25:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigbumhole Mon 07-Jan-08 16:30:41

Thanks for your reply, its very helpful.

No, me nor DP have any allergies or asthma, eczema etc, which is why DDs fish reaction caught us be surprise if im honest.

Thanks again, i will deffo look into it and get it checkout medically.

alimac87 Wed 09-Jan-08 01:57:30

Do go back and ask to be referred to hospital - if her reaction is that bad, you may need to be prescribed an Epipen for her. Piriton syrup is useful for mild reactions - buy some bottles and keep one at home, take one out with you.

Dd is allergic to everything, including shellfish (but not fish). We struggled to be referred but it's worth it to get proper advice. Fish is fairly avoidable, at least, but that sounds nasty.

McDreamy Wed 09-Jan-08 06:26:29

I would get that checked out. DD's godfather has a fish allergy, he carries an epi pen all the time (I'm not saying you will need one) and if he is coming round for dinner I can't even have fish in the fridge because of the risk of contamination. I hope your DD doesn't have an allergy as bad as his but I think it is worth asking for more investigations.

KimberleyTin Sat 30-Jan-16 08:03:55

Bouillabaisse / Soup stocks
Salad dressings
Worcestershire sauce
Barbecue sauce
Steaks / Burgers / Meatloaf
Imitation fish or shellfish

are some often ignored sources of fish. Avoid them. Also check label before taking any processed food.


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