Can I use diprobase on DD's face for eczema?

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Tapster Sun 30-Dec-07 21:06:08

I thought the GP said no - but what else can I use. Its getting quite bad. Could go to GP but he is useless and I plan to change GP practice in a couple of weeks after the next jabs.

Any advice on the best creams for ezcema on the face?

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MerlinsBeard Sun 30-Dec-07 21:08:08

we were prescrobed diprobase for eczema on DS2s face when he was 3 days old!! Maybe there is a reason your DD can't use it?

pinetreedog Sun 30-Dec-07 21:08:08

diprobase is just an emollient, no? You can use it on the face.

aveeno a good moisturiser, inc face, for dd2

Mistymoo Sun 30-Dec-07 21:09:27

I presume you can as it is a moisturiser. here is a description

Tapster Sun 30-Dec-07 21:10:43

Told you my GP is useless glad I'm changing GP soon!

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Tapster Sun 30-Dec-07 21:12:01

Which aveeno do you use pinetreedog? Where do you buy it from or shall I get my new GP to prescribe it for me?

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Feenie Sun 30-Dec-07 21:14:48

My ds's suspected eczema was on his face, around his eyes, and we were prescribed Diprobase for this.

ScottishMummy Sun 30-Dec-07 21:20:21

i was prescribed diprobase for baby eczema - worked a treat

pinetreedog Sun 30-Dec-07 22:25:14

I can get aveeno for dd on prescription.

whatwerewethinking Sun 30-Dec-07 22:29:05

we use this on dd's face all the time,

smartiejake Mon 31-Dec-07 15:44:56

Chickweed cream is great for eczema too. Have used this on dd1 since she was a baby.

avsbavs Thu 25-Nov-10 12:32:42

diprobase you have to be careful with, it can work in some cases but can badly effect others

try it and if it doesnt work use aveeno

diprobase can trap in heat especially after bathing and iritate the skin even more
only put it on after cold baths

hope this helps

tomhardyismydh Thu 25-Nov-10 12:48:35

it stings my dds face, makes eczema on her face worse, but soothes every where else

scottishmummy Thu 25-Nov-10 12:49:35

depends.diprobase is contraindicated for some gp isnt necessarily wrong.thing about eczema is what works for one doesnt work for to the doctor again

and aveeno flared up eczema for us

Icantbelieveitsnotbitter Thu 25-Nov-10 12:58:58

We had to resort to using a mild steroid cream on DDs face - she was overdue and born with very dry skin which was later diagnosed as eczema. Once the steroid cream had cleared up the worst of it, the diprobase seems to keep it under control.

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