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Eczema question... Am I the only one who...

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Chandra Tue 16-Nov-04 16:36:07

thinks that we are having an unusually eczematic winter? I don't remember so much postings about eczema last winter... What could it be?

Sandi102 Tue 16-Nov-04 17:28:59

i definitley agree. ds's (5) ecezema hasn't been this bad since he was 6 months. I'm so so worried. I wish i could do something. Would you happen to know after how long should i see an improvement after using oatmeal and dead sea salt in the bath? this is the 2nd day.

Chandra Tue 16-Nov-04 23:23:48

I'm sorry, I don't. but if he has cracked skin, maybe Oilatum PLUS (bath oil with an antiseptic) may help to prevent the skin from getting infected or help to remove infection and after all he can go back to the usual oat bath.

I have tried the oat bat but I think it is more effective when the skin is clear from infection. I'm sure somebody here may know better.

karakal Wed 22-Dec-04 17:47:33

Message withdrawn

DoesntChristmasDragOn Wed 22-Dec-04 17:52:36

Are you advertising this company, karakal, because you've posted this exact info on a number of threads and nothing else. There are fees for advertising on Mumsnet.

dinny Thu 23-Dec-04 21:28:23

Chandra, agree - well, dd never had ezcema before this winter

tatt Mon 27-Dec-04 06:34:42

thought my problems had cleared up after starting to use fish oil and probiotics. Unfortunately they haven't so I'm back to using moisturisers and wearing gloves whever I move outdoors. Still at least I didn't have to wear them this summer I really used to get fed up of the strange looks.

ozzie333 Thu 30-Dec-04 03:23:25

You might try removing sodium lauryl sulphate (or sodium laureth sulphate) from all products that come in contact with your skin eg personal care, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc etc. It is a known irritant (look it up on the net) and is even found in "good" baby products. If you want any further information post here or email me at

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