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ALOE VERA ALLERGY - a word of caution

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nitor Wed 12-Dec-07 13:46:49

I was suddenly hit by severe aloe vera toxification after having treated some excema on my lower legs (lichen ruber) with fresh aloe vera gel from a plant in my kitchen.

all over body rash, necrosis (dead meat) on the legs and lengthy allergic reaction as a result. I might even be hospitalized and the skin specialist says the effects may continue for several months

Just so you know people - Aloe Vera can be a great healer, but can kill too, had it not been for antibiotics and steroids, I would have been so f***

phillll Sat 04-Feb-17 16:13:00

My allergy started with latex ie elasto plast. Now it includes aloe vera. It is in loads of cosmetics,soaps and lotions. You have to be so careful...Emovate or dermovate from your doctor will get rid of the rash after 1 or 2 days but for a child it must be dreadful.

bakequery Wed 09-Nov-16 01:00:35

When I was 12 years old I got poison ivy. My mother slathered aloe vera all over my face. I ended up getting acute cellulitis of my face, went to the doc, who gave me a shot of penicillin. I fainted. I was put in the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. I ended up with welts all over my body. They thought it was from the penicillin. Turns out that 8 years later I got a burn on my tummy, mom put the aloe on it, and I got welts again. Flash forward another ~10 years and I got a burn on my arm, slathered aloe burn cream, got hives. I still did not make the connection. Then finally, I washed my hair with a cleansing shampoo whose first ingredient was aloe. I went to a dance class where I got all sweaty and lo and behold, I got welts and my throat started to close. The light bulb finally went off! Now I avoid aloe like the plague, which is not easy to do. I have welts on my neck right now from a bite and the first thing I looked at was the cream I used, which thankfully did not have aloe. I don't know what is causing these welts though. URGH!

Dizzyt Tue 19-Jul-16 09:54:41

In my experience,it usually takes about a week for reaction to subside but you might be lucky and be reaction free sooner!one piece of advice i will give you though is to keep your face well moisturised with something like emollient cream or something gentle on skin because i always find my skin is left very dry and tender after a reaction.Also be very wary of aftersun creams as most of them contain aloe vera!

halfthesize Tue 19-Jul-16 09:25:24

Hi all I know an old thread but on holiday and used aloe gel on face omg woke up two days ago with red puffy eyes and head. Been taking citirzina since but still not great. Thank god for sunglasses. Does anyone know how long it takes to calm down.

Dizzyt Wed 25-May-16 17:36:37

Ive been having allergic reactions to various things most of my life,especially aloe vera.Thankfully i only usually have a skin reaction but this can be very sore so i know how a lot of you feel.Most of the time i have a reaction on my face which if red,puffy and dry woth the skin feeling lile its on fire!I have found the best thing to treat my skin after a reaction is with La Roche Posey thermal spring water.The main healing ingredient in it is selenium and it is amazing!it is really gentle on the skin but it is really nourishing.It comes in the form of an aerosol spray and is usually around £8 and last for ages.For me it has been a miracle on my skin!any reaction i have is cleared up within a couple of days and its fantastic on sunburn too!Also because it is a pressurised spray its really cooling on the skin.Completely worth the money!

pattiannp22 Sun 22-May-16 08:44:12

my birthday is May 22, today, and Im going to have to put alot of makeup on to cover the red dots. I have a feeling it will go away in a few days.

pattiannp22 Sun 22-May-16 08:42:50

OH and I'm O+ blood type. (and my boyfriend is too and he had the same reaction when he put it on his sunburn many years ago and never used aloe again...) wish he would have told me sooner!! I took Benadryl right away and I took Zyrtec.

pattiannp22 Sun 22-May-16 08:39:36

What an eye opener this has been for me. Last year I started having asthma attacks out of nowhere each time landing in the ER. It was recommended that I see an Allergist. After testing I was found to have severe allergies to grass, trees, pollen, ragweed, mold, cats, dogs, rabbits and down to name a few. Which explained my asthma attacks in the middle of the night... I slept on down pillows and comforter and my cat!! After a year on Prednisone and many months immunotherapy (injections) it is under control. No more down, and sadly no more cat! I take a nightly corticosteriod, Zyrtec, Flonase and a rescue inhaler, for preventative measures since I cannot control all the grass and trees and pollen im around!!

This morning I woke up and my ENTIRE face was covered in little red dots. It looked like measles. They are not raised, they do not itch. I could breathe fine, I had no fever. I wracked my brain trying to think of what I ate or what I put on my face?? Nothing out of the ordinary. I took a Benadryl just in case. Then the AHH HAA moment.... I started using aloe vera gel on my face as a skin primer before putting on my makeup 2 days ago. Never used aloe before on my face. Just something I read and thought to try instead of buying an expensive face primer. Lesson learned. It has to be that. Nothing else is different in my skin routine except for that. They found I had a minor garlic allergy (no foods except that ) however, i cook and eat garlic all the time and never have italian, cannot NOT eat garlic. I read about the person who thinks it was the combination of a steroid and the Aloe Vera, I wonder if the corticosteroid combo is the same for me, or its just the aloe. Ive been watching my red-dotted face all day. Its actually going away a little bit. This is terrible. I will now read labels for Aloe Vera. I just checked my body lotion and my deoderant and they don't contain it. And I definitely will not try Aloe Vera juice as I have been planning to do. Does anyone know of an over the counter remedy for the rash? Im going to pass all this info Ive been reading to my friends and family and Im going to go back to my allergist and get tested so that they could add that to my serum and start injections again to better protect me should I unknowingly come in contact with it again. Its terrible to know it could kill you for those who got anaphylactic. So sorry for you. Best of luck to all.

Donna1903 Tue 15-Mar-16 08:24:53

I know this is a pretty old thread but it's the only thing I can seem to find too! I tried the forever living aloe Vera soap, scrub and moisturiser on Saturday morning and on Saturday night my face and neck are dry, red, rashy, itchy and blotchy... I'm blood group O negative but I doubt this has anything to do with it either... Surely? How long did it take for your reactions to go away? Should I take antihistamines? I'm 30 on Saturday and I want it to be away for then 😩

bakequery Sat 13-Feb-16 03:26:58

When I was 12 years old (1966) I got poison ivy. My mother slathered me with fresh aloe from a plant she had. I ended up in the hospital with a very swollen face and large hives all over my body for 14 days. We thought the hives were caused by the penicillin I was given for the acute cellulitis I had on my face.

In 1977, at Culinary School I burned my tummy somehow. I went home that weekend and my mom slathered me with aloe again. I got hives and for 2 weeks. I thought it was my nerves. I never connected the events.

Flash forward to the 90's. I burned my left arm and a friend put aloe cream on me and I got hives. I finally thought, hmmmmmm, I think I'm allergic to aloe! But still I do not read labels.

A few years later I am taking dancing lessons with my husband and I start feeling itchy all over my neck. By the time I got home I had hives all over my body and my throat starts to close. I call the doc and she tells me to take Benadryl and a 12 hour antihistamine of whatever I had, something like Claritan but one of the early 12 hour antihistamine. She ended up telling me to take 4! (I think it started with an H). Still my throat was closing. I felt like a potato chip was stuck in it. Eventually the Doc told me to get admitted to the hospital so they could keep an eye on me. I went and stayed overnight. I stayed up all night, afraid to go to sleep. It turns out I had washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo before going out and the first ingredient was aloe.

I have been a diligent label reader ever since but I never thought to read a label on my vitamins for goodness sakes! Turns out a vitamin I was taking had aloe vera in it which explains why my asthma, which had completely gone away after I stopped eating wheat, was back! I guess I am just uber sensitive to certain proteins. I thankfully did not get hives.

Latex gives me a flush on my throat, neck, and chest.

Tonight I have restless legs after taking my new vitamin at a later time than usual so now I have to go read the label and see that the heck is in these NEW vitamins. This is my third night with restless legs. The only thing I have put in my body that is the same over the past 3 days is the new vitamins I bought to replace the ones with aloe.

My nerves! I can't identify anything in them that would cause a problem but yesterday after I took them I felt like I wanted to throw up and I felt short of breath. That shortness of breath also used to happen when I used to drink a protein drink made by Herbalife. The primary protein was made from peas, which I thought was the culprit but now I am thinking it must have been from something else.

I think once you develop allergies your body just goes into hypersensitive mode and says, "ENOUGH! I am going launch an allergic reaction whenever you ingest something I can't recognize as food I evolved with.

mumz4Eva Fri 12-Feb-16 10:27:35

my husband used aloe vera on his hands because they became very dry..after using the aloe his hands looked like they had been dipped in acid He had an allergic reaction to this so we never used it again UNTIL years later he was given it in a mouth wash and gel for the mouth which contained Aloe vera. It was actually called Aloe barbadensis on the ingrediants and should (so we thought) have been crossed checked by the hospital pharmacist but was not. My husband developed ulcer like burns to his mouth and throat LUCKILY for him not much was swallowed. The pain was horrendous. Just please be aware not everyone has an allergy to it but it can be quite harmful to some people.

lAgOe Mon 18-Jan-16 19:17:11

I started useing Aloe Hand And Face Soap my eyes became so red and on the 4th day they were swollen and more or less shut they were so itchy also my face was swollen i realised it was the Aloe because it was the only thing i had used different my skin feels like sand paper i havent used it for 6 days and my face is swollen still red and itchy.I have Rhesus Negative Blood Group 0.Could this be the connection i dont know

DemiCub Sat 01-Aug-15 22:15:49

I found out I had a severe allergy to aloe Vera by putting lotion on my skin that contained Aloe Vera, at first I couldn't figure out what I was specifically allergic to since it had never happened before, but after running some tests it was apparent that it was aloe vera, its a mild to severe allergy to it, but I am so allergic to it I cant touch, or ingest anything with aloe Vera, even if its in small doses, if I come in contact with it I get the hives and swell, but if I ingest it, which I've only made the mistake of once, I get very sick and will vomit. My blood type is ab+ but I have no allergie to garlic, radishes or anything else like that. Its not easy though buying things anymore though even with a baby on the way because you would be surprised at how many different things we use aloe Vera in, and it isn't always put under aloe Vera, it can be put under Aloe Vera Barbados juice, or aloe, Vera, and even aloe Vera, so you truly have to be careful when allergic to it on what you use

tenjo Tue 30-Jun-15 21:31:28

I don't think blood type has anything to do with it. I'm B+.

Dowser Tue 30-Jun-15 10:15:00

Well I never knew that about aloe Vera.
This thread has been an eye opener for me.

I have three aloe Vera plants....and they are all having babies. So I probably have a dozen.

I got bitten in the garden and put some aloe on it. Luckily I haven't had a severe reaction.

I usually use lavender for sunburn so will stick to that.
I'm blood group O

tenjo Mon 08-Jun-15 17:03:55

I too have an aloe vera allergy. Aloe vera was not part of my growing up experience, as it is not a native plant to my country. When I moved here, I found out that aloe vera made my skin bumpy (direct contact with the plant itself).

Once you have this reaction, AVOID all products with aloe vera. It doesn't matter how processed the aloe is. Just stay away. The more you come into contact with it, the more severe the allergic reactions will be in the future.

Save yourself the aggravation, sick feelings, sick time out, and doctors' bills. I'd rather spend that money on vacations than giving it to the doctors !!!

zozo41 Thu 23-Oct-14 14:49:53

Hi There,
I have been at my wits end these last few days and coming on here to see others reacting to Aloe is a bit of reassurance I have to say. I started using an aloe vera face wash and serum last friday/saturday and sunday. By sunday my eyes felt dry and a little swollen underneath so I stopped using it. By Monday my eyes were very swollen and my skin very itchy. I took anti-histamines. By Tuesday I was at the doctors as the swelling hadn`t gone down. I am now on Day 5 after starting steroids yesterday and my skin is like sand paper, very itchy, blotchy, cracked and my eyes are still swollen, albeit a slight improvement. My doctor said that if the swelling isn`t down by tomorrow I will have to go back to see her. I cannot believe this reaction, my skin is normally so good and now I look awful. I am still itching and my face is so dry its horrible. I just wondered if anyone has had similar on their face and how long it takes to subside? I look forward to any responses. Thank you.

grindcoredeity Thu 09-Oct-14 00:01:27

hi I just saw your comment on here and wanted to say I know how that feels. I had the same reaction when I was a little girl. I'm extremely allergic to it. And it was really bad I had used some sunscreen when I was at the beach and in a few hours I was already covered in these patches like hives. And the hives were super itchy and on top of that I had an anaphylactic reaction as well. and it was very scary for my parents, because I was only like four years old. And now I don't have anything at all that has aloe in it. the only thing I use that has a low is my son's baby wipes. And I really don't like using those because even just touching them barely irritates my skin and I have a reaction. But it is very hard to find any that don't have aloe in them and are cheap. the ones that I buy him are like a dollar. and most of my allergy symptoms like runny nose and sinus headaches don't go away ever. Which really sucks because I pretty much just have to blow my nose all day and I am in a horrible mood because of my headache. And on top of that I have constant migraines just randomly all the time. one thing that is really annoying is trying to find sunscreen that doesn't have aloe in it, but I finally found one. I don't remember what its called, but I use it whenever I go to the pool. And it works great so now I don't burn anymore.

chris543210 Mon 29-Sep-14 17:52:06

I have O- blood (Universal donar) and I use aloe vera all the time.

AloeAllergy Sat 06-Jul-13 07:32:12

My son had a reaction to application of an Aloe plant on his arm. He suffers from skin irritations, ever since an incident at his high school where he contracted severe athlete's foot in the school gym.

He was on Prednisone to help his skin irritations, prescribed by a questionable dermatologist. I say questionable because we found later that she was poorly rated, and also in dealing with her and her staff when the following rash occurred.

My daughter applied aloe directly to an irritated area on my son's arm, after seeing no results from the drugs. A very usual reaction then happened. A dark brown rash appeared over the area. However he had no pain there.

We ended up at a clinic where we were told to avoid the pediatrician and prescribed some antibiotics. The rash hasn't changed yet, after half a day. But it hasn't gotten any worse either.

We've had positive effects from aloe in our home prior to this. My suspicion is that the Prednisone caused the aloe to create this reaction.

Someone said they can't trust natural remedies. I think it's quite the opposite. What you can't trust are pharmaceuticals and a health care industry that serves the pharmaceutical industry.

It is in the the interest of big pharma to discredit natural remedies, that would ultimately put their profit center out of business. They do anything for money including killing people if necessary to make their products necessary.

tanya237 Wed 03-Jul-13 16:55:01

This sounds terrible i hope your feeling much better..... i would like to just mention that there are around 200+ species of aloe plants but there are just 4 that have healing/ medicinal abilities the aloe barbadensis miller is the most potant and has helped me, my children and hundreds of people i personally know...... do you know what type of aloe plant it was?...... as the likelyhood that you got one of the medicinal species is slim to none.........

gorrb Mon 24-Jun-13 23:50:37

I am blood type O+. In the late 80s Jergens added aloe to their lotion and I found out by putting my hands on my face after applying it. It looked like slap marks on my face. I read the ingredients and found out quickly. I can use products with aloe in small doses, but when I showered with a gel that contained aloe banderas, my throat started to close and I had to go to the emergency room. I wonder if it has any connection to the many other allergies I started getting over the years. Gluten, nickle, dogs, cats, most trees, all grasses and dust/smoke? I now have asthma.

lanalynn Sat 22-Sep-12 13:19:36

Oh one more thing, I tried using a tinted moisturizer and broke out in this same pimply like rash and it was itchy and just threw it away. Now I'm looking at the product's ingredients and it contained aloe!

lanalynn Sat 22-Sep-12 13:17:57

I'm Bloodtype A+ if that matters any. I noticed I was getting acne around my jawline and back of my neck..but they were in groups. I never ever get acne like that- usually only one or at the most two per month. (I found out the hard way years ago, that I was allergic to aloe when I applied a sunburn soothing gel, and my whole leg turned into a hot red swollen mess in a few took my sunburn plus the allergic reaction weeks to heal!!) Anyway, I decided to check my leave-in conditioner and it contained ALOE sad When I sleep my hair would always settle on my jawline and so there it was..a nasty ugly pimple like rash..LASO my neck had been hurting and sore often with lower's just so weird that I could be allergic this much to aloe. Then I realized that whenever I would apply the conditioner to my hair, my hands would feel tingly and somewhat painful, the same feeling I get when I touch hair dye for long periods of time. Ughh why me, why aloe of all things!! I'm off to apply some hydrocotisone hope that'll calm the itching for now. Hope this helps some.

HirschoCorey Fri 14-Sep-12 18:07:42

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