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Onion Allergy?

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RGPargy Sun 09-Dec-07 22:17:56

Has anyone heard of an onion allergy? DP has been suffering terribly from acid in his stomach and aching limbs ever since he had some potato salad with raw onions earlier today. It's not the first time raw onions have affected him this way either. The chemist said it sounded like he has IBS and gave him some over the counter tablets to help. It did give him some relief but obviously he cant keep taking them forever!

So apart from the obvious, i.e. avoiding raw onions, is there anything else he could take/eat/drink to give some pretty fast relief?


auntyspan Sun 09-Dec-07 22:30:33

My MIL has an onion "intolerance" and reacts very badly to cooked or raw onions. I think it's something to do with the fact that people can't absorb them.

Not sure if that helps but you're definitely not on your own!

EachPeachPearMum Sun 09-Dec-07 22:33:35

I have a garlic allergy, and they are alliums too (allia???).
It is to do with a lack of some essential mineral, which can be found in legumes, apparently anyone can suffer with it if they aren't eating enough green veg!

christywhisty Mon 10-Dec-07 00:21:07

My dad used to throw up after eating cooked onions, but he was fine with raw onion.

RGPargy Mon 10-Dec-07 10:48:51

DP has spent the night with quite bad aching limbs and terrible terrible bloating and trapped wind. He's been in agony, the poor thing. Time for him to avoid raw onions i think!

benita Fri 14-Dec-07 18:35:23

my six year old daughter has been sick four times in the last seven weeks,it seems when she has eaten mince or anything that has had onion in.when she wakes in the morning she complains of stomach ache then she is very sick for an hour or so,then recovers!she had a pickled onion last week and then had 7 bouts of hiccups throughout the remaining day.I have taken her to the drs twice and they referred to the hossy,but they arre all baffled to whats causing it...Please Help!

Madlentileater Fri 14-Dec-07 18:50:41

my dad has an onion allergy, very inconvenient for him, especially at our house, we're vegetarians and most of our food conatins onions. However he can eat leeks and garlic, so maybe hope for your dp there.

MisterC Fri 09-Jan-09 23:24:12

I have onion allergies. It started twenty years ago when I got sick on a meal with a dish that had too much onion in it. Ever since that I get GI symptoms and bad body odor from the things. This problem has gradually gotten worse. Now, even just a little onion will make me sick. Dried onions are the worst. It is so hard for me to find the foods that I like without onions. I get frustrated. I can't buy pizza, spaghetti sauce, re-fried beans, etc. My friends are very considerate when they honer me with a good meal by making dishes without onions. My solution has to be that I prepare my meals myself rather than trying to purchase prepared items.

I sympathize with folks with onion allergies. Why do they have to put onions in everything?

Friendlypizzaeater Fri 09-Jan-09 23:27:35

I agree - they are in everything - my DS (6) gets chronic IBS and horrific runs (down his leg sort of ones) for 2 weeks after eating toms or onions - only discovered what it was a few weeks ago, been in a huge learning curve !

We brought back a bug from Cuba and the Doc thinks its knackered his bowel and he "may" grow out of it sad

Laura25o6 Tue 04-Apr-17 20:44:56

Hi I have an issue with Onions cooked or raw. Wether mine is n intolerance or an allergy I don't know. All I know is when I think of onion I gag! I have to check all food I buy and make sure there's none in. I am physically sick at the smell also.

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