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Where can I buy an oat based soap ?

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Flier Mon 05-Nov-07 09:54:41

I have dermatitis on my hands, and have been prescribed steroid creams, but they're not working.

I read an article in last weeks Mail on Sunday which advised to use an oat based soap. Boots' Derma-A range was quoted, but I enquired in Boots last week and they couldn't find one in their range.

Can anyone help or advise any other products I could use or any other help for these terribly dry, very itchy and terrible looking hands - the itch is so bad it keeps me awake at night. sad

bran Mon 05-Nov-07 10:00:31

Aveeno do a whole range of oat based products. I use their range for ds because he has ezcema. The hand cream might be good for you too.

I use the Skin relief range for ds.

Flier Mon 05-Nov-07 10:02:26

thats really helpful, thank you Bran

bran Mon 05-Nov-07 10:07:22

Hope your hands feel better soon. grin There is also a really good Aveeno cream called 'Overnight itch relief' which isn't on that site, although they say they will be stocking it soon. If you send them an email they will let you know when it's in. At the moment I order it from the US for ds. The skin relief lotion is almost as good but because the overnight one is a cream rather than a lotion it lasts longer.

I'm sure I'm stating the obvious here, but do you wear gloves if you are doing washing-up? I find washing up liquid is a killer on my hands, it makes them very sore and a bit flaky and it's agony to put them in water.

Flier Mon 05-Nov-07 10:53:15

Thanks Bran, yes I do wear gloves when washing up. When you have young children though you want to keep hands as clean as poss, so probably am washing hands more frequently than before they came along.

I'll get that soap ordered and enquire into the overnight one, can I ask where you get it from in the US? is it online?

bran Mon 05-Nov-07 11:06:32

I get it from an ebay shop here. She doesn't seem to have any in stock at the moment, but she will take requests.

You might as well try the cream you can get from the UK first as the shipping costs from the States are quite high. If you know anyone who travels to the States it's worth asking them to buy you some though as the products themselves are about a third of the price there.

I know what you mean about washing your hands when you have young children. Sometimes I find myself doing it 3 or 4 times in 10 mins, especially when preparing raw meat coincides with a nappy change/trip to the loo. I haven't had any problems since ds was diagnosed with ezcema though, probably because I have to apply cream to him at least twice a day so my hands are very moisturised from that. (clouds/silver linings etc)

mishmash Tue 06-Nov-07 00:24:40

Flier - Bran is right the prices in the States are soooo cheap. I suffer terribly myself - my hands are in bits again and am loathe to use steroids again. Bought some Aveeno products last week in the States but didn't see the hand creams or soaps so will check out their website.

I just can't get rid of mine - I get a reprieve for a few days and then it all flares up again. My hands look like an 80 year olds.

My aunt recommended fleece washing up gloves last year. I am the worlds worst for not using gloves - just seems to be quicker to do get cleaned up without but really have to start using them.

I also have it on my feet.

Bloody awful stuff angry

wrinklytum Tue 06-Nov-07 00:28:54

When my ds had eczema a friend reccomended blitzing up oatmeal in a food processor and chucking it in a bath.A bit messy but worked a treat.If conventional products do not work then maybe worth a try xx

KerryMumKABOOM Tue 06-Nov-07 00:38:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cookseybtf Mon 08-Apr-13 11:14:28

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