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Itching in/around rectal area

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duckhouse Tue 15-Sep-20 14:55:25

Hi All,

For almost more than 2 years i have been suffering from on and off rectal itching which is mostly on the outside and often spreads till outer lip of vagina. Tried all ointments, referred by GP to specialist and no physical signs or issue found.

Vaseline is my only relief when itching gets severe.. its worse in nighttime ! Pls advise what can i do or ointment i can use which is effective and safe. Pls note i am also trying for pregnancy recently so need to be extra careful on what i use.

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MilleniumHallsWalledGarden Tue 15-Sep-20 15:00:57

Are you sure it's not being caused by worms?

WhatInFreshHell Tue 15-Sep-20 15:03:58

If it's worse at night then it's worms.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 15-Sep-20 15:05:24

Has the doctor never suggested it could be worms?

Anordinarymum Tue 15-Sep-20 15:06:47

Sounds like threadworms. Even if you are unsure try Ovex. It's inexpensive, works like a dream, and no harm done should it be something else !

FippertyGibbett Tue 15-Sep-20 15:07:48

Rectal itching can be piles.
And if you are scratching it the irritation can spread to the vulva.
It could also be an allergy as I got this when using baby wipes on my bum.

Anordinarymum Tue 15-Sep-20 15:09:03

As an aside I wonder if it could be something as simple as hairs growing in sensitive areas?

EnjoyingTheSilence Tue 15-Sep-20 16:21:15

Worms or piles

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