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Anyone know if you can give cod liver oil to a child who is allergic to fish?

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Beachcomber Tue 02-Oct-07 22:01:39

Says it all in the title really.

DD1 is allergic to fish, last time we tried her with some she vomited and developed eczema on most of her body that took three weeks to shift. She has other allergies too but fish seems to be a pretty violent one.

I would like to give her cod liver oil if possible as she has no fish/seafood products in her diet at all. Also for the vitamin A content.

Has anybody any experience of giving fish oil to a fish allergic child?

Any experiences much appreciated, thanks.

laundrylover Tue 02-Oct-07 22:19:18

Not sure about the allergy but firstly I wouldn't worry about the lack of seafood in her diet - my kids are veggie so obviously have none. If you want to give a supplement why not give a vegetarian omega one such as flax seed oil? You can buy bottles of it at health food shops - I never remember to give it to mine and it just sits in the fridge but they don't seem to be sufferingblush.

Beachcomber Wed 03-Oct-07 08:51:31

Yes, I hadn't though about veggie kids. I put flax seed oil in her breakfast sometimes, maybe I should up the dose. Do you know if it has a high vit A level?

twoisplenty Wed 03-Oct-07 08:56:18

I give mine udo's oil - in the health food shop fridge. It's vegan, and contains seed oils and is full of omega 3, 6 and 9 (I'd never heard of omega 9 before!)

laundrylover Wed 03-Oct-07 20:41:51

Not sure about Vitamin kids need extra do you think? It's in cheese, eggs and yoghurt too and I think there is a risk from having too much over a lifetime. I'm not really a big supplements person having seen kids in africa living off rice and beans and get degrees and run marathonsgrin.

sKerryMum Wed 03-Oct-07 23:39:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScaryScaryNight Wed 03-Oct-07 23:43:13

Not just the vitamin A, the Vitamin D too.

Beachcomber Thu 04-Oct-07 12:32:28

Thanks folks. I know what you mean about supplements but DD1 has a pretty limited diet. She can eat eggs but no dairy. I think a bit of extra vit C and A is good for their immune systems (don't vaccinate anymore after bad reactions so have been advised to give these two vitamins).

Interesting what you say sKerryMum about peanut oil.

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