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Those of you who have DCs with egg allergy

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Katsma Fri 28-Sep-07 00:31:26

Were you told to also avoid peanuts?

My DD had quite a severe reaction to egg at about 8mo. We were referred to an allergy doc. He asked me to describe her symptoms and said that it sounded severe enough that he didn't want to test her, that we could take it as read that she had an egg allergy iyswim.

She's now coming up to 1yo and all her little friends are starting to eat peanut butter etc.

Do I try her with it or not?

She also has very minor eczema, so could be atopic. We have an epipen. We were given a list of other foods which commonly cause allergic reaction, and she's eaten virtually everything on it already with no problems.

Your thoughts/experience appreciated smile

mezzer Fri 28-Sep-07 04:39:51

Anyone in your family have nut allergies? IF yes, I would avoid peanuts. "They" say that it's best to avoid peanuts until 3 or 4 (methinks) if there are allergic tendencies. That said, I'm sure most people don't wait that long. I haven't given dd (20mo) peanuts yet but that's partly because I have tree nut allergies (and because I'm being paranoid...)

slim22 Fri 28-Sep-07 06:34:41

One of my DS little friend is allergic to both.

Whereas eggs "only" provoke mild to serious swelling and rash, Peanut would be fatal as she would choke/go into shock (she did once at about 18mths, that's how they found out)

I guess you better get her tested.

mamado Fri 28-Sep-07 07:30:45

I'd say avoid peanuts as apparently if you are egg allergic you are twice as likely to be peanut allergic. Maybe insist that she is tested at your next allergy appointment? My dd1 is egg allergic but never been tested for peanuts, although she's never had them she has had other nuts; dd2 is allergic to both egg and peanuts. So no nuts in our house now, much to dp's dismay
I reckon with peanuts its better to be safe than sorry iyswim

KerryMum Fri 28-Sep-07 11:44:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catesmum Fri 28-Sep-07 20:32:58

we were told to avoid all nuts until 5 because of egg allergy (and lots of other allergies in the family)

Katsma Sat 29-Sep-07 00:25:52

Thanks for all your responses. Seems the consensus is to avoid. Wish we could be tested really, but our next allergy appointment is in a years time!

Okay, so if I avoid peanuts still, can I ask another stupid question? grin

What about sesame seed, pumpkin seed, mustard etc? They're not nuts are they, but can still commonly cause a reaction?

Is peanut allergy linked to seed allergy, or are they completely separate beasts?

Isababel Sat 29-Sep-07 01:03:37

Many children with peanut allergy are also sensitive to sesame seeds. I would avoid them too, after all, they are not realy difficult to avoid.

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