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Cows milk allergy and 4 week old - advice please

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Layladylay234 Fri 26-Jun-20 07:44:40

Morning. I have a 4 week old who I think may be allergic to cow's milk. She's currently combi fed - breastfed between 6am - 6pm then partner gives her 3 bottles for evening and night feedings. She's struggled with trapped wind and constipation since she was about 2 weeks old so we switched from aptamil to KendalMil Organic formula which is a full fat cows. It seemed to work really well for a while and the trapped wind and constipation seemed to ease up. 2 days ago she came down with a rash and her poos increased and were very watery - she went from pooing once a day to 6/7 times in 24 hours! We took her to the doctor yesterday for the rash and he seemed to think it was viral with her loose stools. But last night she started on the grass green poos! And I found they could be related to cows milk allergies. She's also ticking a lot of the other boxes for this type of allergy - arching of back, constipation, hiccups,dry skin

I hate the idea that she's in pain when I can do something so have decided just to breastfeed her for the next 3 days ( not easy as she has tongue tie and can be on my breast a lot as she gets the milk out using my nipple shields) and lay off dairy products myself to see if it makes a difference.

My questions for anyone on the group are these:
We've been giving her that formula for about 10 days - is she is allergic, would it take that long for the rash/symptoms to appear? I would have thought if she was allergic, the rash woukd have shown up sooner?

Also, if I wanted to get her tested for cow's milk allergy, can anyone advise me on getting it done privately/NHS? I presume with Covid everything's delayed so it might be hard to get her tested?

Thanks in advance x

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Layladylay234 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:58:58


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Landlubber2019 Fri 26-Jun-20 20:06:23

Testing for cmpa is near on impossible, you need to eliminate all dairy from your diet and see if there is any improvement
Please bear in mind that your milk will have traces of dairy for a couple of weeks at least.

In the meantime I would look to get the tongue tie assessed to enable you to feed more comfortably and you need to rebuild your milk supply, as the night feeds are really important to maintain a good supply of milk.

Check out Kelly mom which has a wealth of information. Good luck flowers

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