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CMPA 4m old advice. New formula.

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ChocolateCheesecake20 Fri 29-May-20 23:19:06

My 4m old has always had diareah then from 2m started having patches of eczema. Which has now progressed to the whole body.

Gp admitted she had no idea with cmpa free formula and referred us.
Paediatrician prescribed similac alimentum. We only got as far as 2 days and baby was so sick.. He's never sick. He was dehydrated and so sad. So we reverted bk to regular and hoped to get hold of paediatrician but we couldn't

So we contacted gp. Anyway after speaking with gp esp as his skin was terrible and sore he said to put up with the formula and hold out ad long as we could. He went to issue more to last and it's been put on hold as they can't get it.
So he prescribed sma althera. Baby been on it for 24 hours. So far no sick. Alrho he's not used to the taste fully he's definitely drinking enough

How long until you noticed the change in your dcs?
His skin seems to be so much better which I know sint likely so soon and is prob also down to a new cream but it's not so angry and scaly looking.

His nappies have changed too it wasn't bright yellow more greeny and started to have some form. Sorry tmi but need to make sure I'm not going mad.

He also is very sneezy and rattly which is another reason they chose to try cmp free formula.

I worry as the sma isn't what the paediatrician suggested but I know it can't be ordered so hope I won't get told it was wrong that the gp did.

Also the paed was all done on phone due to the covid.

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ChocolateCheesecake20 Fri 29-May-20 23:20:11

Oh should have said the gp I spoke to this week wasn't my regular one as it was her day off but need to update my regular one with his progress Tuesday.

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bippo Fri 29-May-20 23:41:04

Try not to worry about the paed, they will understand that the gp had to prescribe something as your baby has to eat.

Great that the sma seems to be helping. My DS wouldn't take any of the cmpa formula so I was very happy when started weaning. Good luck x

ChocolateCheesecake20 Sat 30-May-20 22:58:50

Thank you.
Today he's taken every bottle. Seems to sleep better but not sure if that's me imagining that

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iusedtohavechickens Wed 03-Jun-20 19:33:26

My little one was put on neocate and we noticed a difference within 24 hours. She's Now 14 mths old and we are just weaning her onto sma soya. X

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