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Please help 😭

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Whattodowhattodooo Wed 27-May-20 19:09:12

Every summer I suffer (in various degrees of severity) of heat rash/prickly heat.

At its mildest its a tolerable annoyance. As it currently stands I want to chop my arms and legs off. No joke. I am one giant rash, and its reducing me to tears on a daily basis. It's everywhere. I cant sit, I can't sleep and if one more person says "Ooh have you taken an antihistamine?" I am going to punch them in the throat.

I've tried wearing only cotton in bed, I've been naked in bed. As soon as anything touches it I want to tear my skin off. I've tried every antihistamine going, cool baths/showers, cooling spray, allergy suncream. Nothing.

The only time I have been successfully treated for it was when I was in Turkey, and was ABSLOUTLEY smothered (like now) . A pharmacist took one look at me said "Ouchhhhhhh, OK for 20 lira take this cream apply throughout the day will calm it down but won't make it go away. Or for 70 lira I can give you an injection and will be completely gone in 24hrs" I took the injection in the bum and within 30 minutes it completely disappeared and didn't return for the rest of the summer/autumn. I assume it was just a HUGE dose of AH, it was like magic. Unfortunately we don't seem to have this dodgy, yet wonderful "bend over this rickety wooden bench whilst I inject an unknown substance into your arse" over here.

I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do. I've just seen the weather for the next few days and cried. So fucking miserable.

Has anyone defeated this bastard condition?? I'm desperate. Please help 😭

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Gingernaut Wed 27-May-20 19:20:44

Did you not think to ask what was being rammed into your bum cheek? hmm confused

Whattodowhattodooo Wed 27-May-20 19:23:36

At that point I didn't care what she was injecting.

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susandelgado Thu 28-May-20 00:52:37

At the risk of getting flamed here... have you tried Fexofenadine? It worked for me.

HelenUrth Thu 28-May-20 01:25:07

You poor thing, you have it bad. Magicool plus prickly heat spray, Soltan sensitive SPF30 (the prickly heat one), plus max dose of Piriton as well as allergy relief cream all help me somewhat. Best tablets I ever got was in Spain, something like Dexytavgil was the name, you could check it out to see if something similar is available in the UK?

Whattodowhattodooo Thu 28-May-20 08:41:45


Funnily enough ive been doing some reading up on that.... Unfortunately it suppresses your immune system.......not sure that would be great in the current climate. I will though have a look into it for the long term though as apparently its amazing!


I've single handedly kept Magicool in business this past two weeks, hasn't touched it.. Its infuriating!!!!

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