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can anyone help with RAST test results?

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vnmum Wed 19-Sep-07 11:26:19

hi, my DS (21m) has just had a 2nd lot of RAST tests done, first lot done at 8 months. he has symptoms of allergy to milk and egg which is what he was tested for at 8 months. his reaction to egg is severe and we have been fighting to get an epipen since he had his first tests (paed not allergy specialist and saying his reaction was not severe enough). we finally got referred to an alleregy specialist who agreed that his symptoms were severe and probably warranted an epipen.

anyway his latest results showed a class 3 reaction to egg and a class 1 reaction to milk, soya and wheat. he has soya milk and products and hasnt showed any physical symptoms of allergy to this or wheat.

i dont kno when my next appointment will be to discuss the results, i am waiting, so i was wondering if anyone could tell me what a class 3 result meant

sorry for the waffle, many thanks

LilRedWG Wed 19-Sep-07 11:29:45

I found this, "The results of the RAST test were fairly similar to the previous skin prick testing. The RAST scoring goes from a Class 0 which is a negative result to a Class VI, which is as high as it goes." here. HTH.

vnmum Wed 19-Sep-07 13:07:20

thanks lilred, thats quite a useful site. hopefully we will get the epipen this time as i want DS to start nursery but cant risk it before we have some suitable medication for him. there was talk about giving him an oral antihistamine and steroid to take instead of an epipen because he is young but that site made me think he should really have the epipen

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