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Good shampoo that won't aggravate eczema/dermatitis in an adult?

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GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 09:24:25

Well as I'm still suffering quite badly from dermatitis at the moment, I'm in the process of binning any remotely dodgy skincare product and replacing it with eczema/dermatitis friendly ones. Got some Oilatum for the bath, but can anyone recommend a good shampoo/conditioner that I'm likely to be able to buy in Tescos or Tescos pharmacy this afternoon?

Hoping to be itch free again in the very near future!

Angeliz Mon 04-Oct-04 09:25:21

My dd had an itchy scalp for ages and it cleared up with 'Simple' shampoo.

Hulababy Mon 04-Oct-04 09:28:54

I have psorasis of the scalp and have used alsorts of shampos and lotions. For the past few months I have been using the Simple range of shampoo & conditioner and it has stopped the severe itching and irratableness so far. Has no colours or perfume in - which I think irratate my scalp. I also use the same make face cleansers and wash, and shower gel as I get very dry skin at times, and psorasis on my hands and feet too every so often.

I hate the medicated stuff, and that Coltar shampoo smells so horrid

Hulababy Mon 04-Oct-04 09:29:14

Oh, posts crossed with Angeliz!

GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 09:34:25

Ooo... that sounds good - I know I can get that You don't happen to know if they do a shaving gel as well, do you?! I think that's the only thing left on my list I haven't found yet...

Hulababy Mon 04-Oct-04 09:36:10

Simple do do some men's ranges yes, but not 100% sure on exactly what.

Oh and if you have a Home Bargains store - you can get Simple shampoo and conditioner for 99p a bottle, instead of £2 odd.

GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 09:38:30

No, I mean ladies shaving gel For legs

Hulababy Mon 04-Oct-04 09:39:20

Looked on Boots page and they list 6 pages of the Simple range . On page 3 they have shaving foam and shaving gel - in the men's range. I think one of the shave gels may be for woman too though - Skin Defence. TBH though Simple is fragrance free so should be fine to use anyway.

GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 09:39:31

Oh, and thanks for the bargain tip! Not sure if we have a Home Bargains store in Worcester, but I'll keep an eye open...

GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 09:41:29

Ooo ... ta!

princesspeahead Mon 04-Oct-04 09:55:38

I was just going to recommend simple as well! I use it on my daughter (bad ezcema) and it is the only one that doesn't irritate. the conditioner is v good - very effective at tangles and leaves her hair very soft.

GeorginaA Mon 04-Oct-04 12:42:03

Would you believe it - Tesco Worcester stocks the soap & the facial wipes, but no shampoo!!!

Sent dh instructions to visit Boots this lunchtime

Gingerbear Mon 04-Oct-04 14:01:13

Green People range is good - no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in it - SLS is a very harsh detergent that aggrevates skin conditions and as it is cheap it is in most standard ranges. Eucerin is good too see the Eucerin Website for the science bit

gscrym Mon 04-Oct-04 14:30:26

I get a really itchy scalp sometimes and I found tea tree shampoo works a treat. The best ones I've found so far are Bodyshops own and Australian Bodycare. My mum gets really bad scalp psoarisis (spelling?) and she uses Paul Mitchell clean shampoo with Tea Tree.

Pidge Mon 04-Oct-04 15:30:12

I have eczema and at times get it really badly in my hair - my GP recommended T-Gel shampoo. It's brown and smells a bit yuk, but did seem to help. You can get it over the counter. Also if the eczema really gets bad I get prescribed some stuff that you can apply to your scalp (like betnovate but for your head!).

When my skin is ok I quite often just use non-fragranced baby shampoos. Plus I try to only wash my hair every other day - otherwise the skin tends to dry out.

For the rest of the body I haven't found much to beat the moisturisers Diprobase and Aqueous cream.

Hulababy Mon 04-Oct-04 17:34:40

Tea Tree shampoo made me go OUCH! It really made the raw skin on my scalp sting My scalp gets pretty bad and the dry skin just falls oof, along with my hair

misdee Mon 04-Oct-04 17:38:27

oilatum do a shampoo, but its rpiocey. have seen it in the chemist. I will check out the simple range for my dd's, atm they use a shampoo called just for you, which i think comes from america. i bought it to help with dd2 curly tangles, and it works, but their skin is dryer atm.

misdee Mon 04-Oct-04 17:38:38


mandycl35 Mon 24-Mar-14 09:31:07

I get really bad eczema everywhere except my scalp but the shampoo I use does affect my skin. At the moment I look like a leper. I have tried Simple Shampoo but it is a bit thick and gloopy. Is there anything else that anyone can recommend. I use all the other Simple products but just not keen on the shampoo

hazeb91 Sat 13-Jun-15 21:54:31

Have you tried eucerin? I love it, makes my hair so nice people even ask if I straiten it when I don't! Doesn't effect my skin and since after about a week of using it my whole body is so much better and touch wood haven't had a flare up since! Think was other shampoos that caused my eczema to be so bad especially my back. I really recommend anyone try it!! (it is rather pricey but to stop the itch it's so worth it!)

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