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is this a reaction to wheat?!?!

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ratfly Sun 02-Sep-07 10:48:31

Ds has eczema. It had cleared up when he went onto a milk free formula, but has had moments of flaring for no apparent reason, as well as in reaction to certain foods (peas for some reason, and dairy).

Yesterday, he tried weetabix for the first time. He tried it at 8am. All day yesterday he was fine, but this morning the eczema on his face (and nowhere else) has flared. Not loads, but enough.

He can't scratch in the night, so could this be a reaction to the wheat, or would it have appeared earlier?

I know I have to try him again when his eczema is clear to double check, but I am being impatient. Any ideas? I am so desperate for him to be able to eat normal things!

frazzledbutcalm Sun 02-Sep-07 20:28:24

ds2 had loads of allergies from 6 wks old. He was also allergic to carpet fibres and some clothes fibres! We pulled our hair out each time he reacted to stuff as there just seemed no pattern at times. Gp told us he could react to some things immediately and after day or two for other things!! It was really just guess work at times. Once his face and mouth swelled up and he was hospitilised, we never found out what caused it shock Then at 10 months old he outgrew all allergies overnight!!!!

Heartmum2Jamie Wed 05-Sep-07 00:00:45

It could be I suppose, but like the previous poster said, some allergies are immediate and others are delayed, but days sometimes. Although ds has a wheat allergy, he suffers gastrically, so am I not much help really!

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