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Allergy and Food Labelling App

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Chris337 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:04:17

Hi Mumsnet,
I'm super interested (bit sad I know!) in the (poor) communications on food packaging. The inability to read the mini-text in dim light, the difficulty in seeing allergy info to protect kids and so forth. I think it could be done that end I have developed a mobile app that scans the retail bar code then provides instantaneous info; allergy and intolerance warnings, nutritional info, packaging waste info, etc.
Is this something that you think would be of wider interest and usefulness? Should I start lobbying Government/retailers etc? Would appreciate feedback, thanks.

DogInATent Thu 19-Dec-19 12:06:03

I think you'll find you've re-invented the wheel. Several similar apps already exist. The pitfalls are common across all these apps, you still need to read the label because the database can lag behind changes to product recipes.

Chris337 Mon 23-Dec-19 11:19:11

hi DogInATent,
Quite right, there is that danger, the benefits in our App is that it is driven by that 'back end' database, something that many of the others don't, we are always current.
We also have additional functionality; nutrition, packaging fact anything that you'd like. We're quite agnostic in terms the data delivered...whatever is useful.
Happy Christmas and thanks for your feedback

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