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Recipes needed for weaning baby with lots of allergies: Dairy, Wheat, Eggs etc

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MumofJ Thu 23-Aug-07 15:38:08

DS has just had a RAST test at long last in response to his severe Excema. He is allergic to Egg, Milk, Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, and all milk products. Weaning is going ok with soya formula milk and lots of fruit veg and meat. But I'd like to bake for him - he's 8 months now but I am thinking ahead to the round of birthday parties his little friends are starting to have. Is there such a thing as an egg, flour and butter free cake? He also needs more fat in his diet and more variety. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

MumofJ Thu 23-Aug-07 15:45:42

Excema? I mean eczema - sorry

iris66 Fri 24-Aug-07 07:11:39

Be aware that soya is a common allergen for LOs with other allergies - my DS (19mths)became allergic to it after being put on soay formula - it makes life vey difficult!

You can get egg replacer (Organ do one). Buckwheat flour (Rhubarb family) mixed with rice/corn may work. My DS was wheat free for ages until we discovered that it's the pesticides/preservatives that caused the problem. Organic may be worth trying in a few months once his skin has calmed.

Linseed/olive oil can be added to things (acquired taste) and oily fish/avocado are also good for "oiling from the inside"

I make flapjack a lot for DS (butter/yoghurt isn't a problem for him despite really bad reactions to milk/cheese) but I guess you could use soya marg.

Party food is such a pain for allergic kids isn't it. Hope there are more experienced people with recipes along later for you.

iris66 Fri 24-Aug-07 07:12:58

sorry - just noticed the oat problem. Perhaps flapjack was a bad idea

iris66 Fri 24-Aug-07 07:27:20

potato & parsnip pie crust recipe:
1lb spuds
12 oz parsnips
olive oil

Cook spuds/parsnips in chunks until tender
Mash together using some of the cooking liquid until smooth
Press into 9" pie dish with your fingers & brush with olive oil
Bake for 45 mins at 200 C/Gas 6

we don't do this as LO can't do deadly nightshade (potato/tomato/pepper/aubergine) but came across it in a cookbook

Carob Birthday Cake:
2oz banana {sliced}
2 eggs (or replacer)
2oz carob flour
1 1/2 oz potato flour
2 1/2 oz rice flour
2 level dessert spns baking powder
4 oz sunflower oil
7 Tablespns soya milk or water
disiccated coconut to decorate

Sieve flours & add all the other ingredients
Beat well then place in greased/lined 7" tin
Bake for 50-60 mins 170 C/gas 3

When cool cut into layers & sandwich together ( and top with carob cream)

carob cream:
4 oz cashew nuts
4oz water/soya milk
1 Tablespn carob powder
2 lge bananas

bung all in a processor & whizz until smooth

I haven't introduced nuts yet so just serve the cake cut into chunks with no topping.


callmeovercautious Fri 24-Aug-07 07:31:47

Have you read the blog written by Aitch?
She has a link with allergy advice and I know I saw a recipe somewhere for ricecakes.

You could try a potato bread and use buckwheat instead of ordinary flour. You can make them sweet by topping with fruit purees or use them as part of a meal with veg/meat mash on them? A good way to get them to finger feed.

MumofJ Sun 26-Aug-07 12:01:49

Thank you so much for your messages. I was on the hunt for buckwheat already so I'll have to find in now. It's nice to know I'm not alone. DS's diet is going well so far - lots of meat and veg. I just want some fun and fattening things now, Carob cake might be the thing.

Chandra Sat 08-Sep-07 19:22:18

If he is that allergic, I wouldn't allow him anywhere near to nuts and peanuts until he is 5 years old.

And... I would avoid soya as well for the time being, not exactly good for baby boys and unfortunately a very allergenic food. Obviously, this wouldn't be such a problem if he didn't have other allergies, unless the results of the RAST are low.

Over the years, some people have posted a lot of tips about weaning, recipees and the unavoidable birthday cake in the Allergies topic. It is worth a good search.

Chandra Sat 08-Sep-07 19:28:31

Disclaimer here. I may be a bit partial about soya formula as DS was very allergic to soya (he only had contact with it via 2 weeks of soya formula and a soya based bath oil before being diagnosed).

It was a nightmare to avoid, now DS is no longer allergic to it our life feels so normal even when DS is still allergic to wheat, egg, dairy, fish, nuts, peanuts, etc.

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