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Mystery intolerance after milk ladder.

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MeredithShepherd Mon 02-Dec-19 18:09:09

Long back story but basically, DS is now 13 months old. He was exclusively breast fed until 6 months. Always been a bit refluxy and had eczema. When he began weaning (baby led) his sickness and eczema ramped up. Eventually after several doctors trips we both went dairy free. Both symptoms stopped completely within 2 days.
So that was back in July. Since his first birthday at the beginning of November we’ve been introducing cows milk back into his diet, so far so good. I’ve been giving him cows milk in his cereal and no reaction. Yesterday I gave him a piece of cheese (1 inch cube) and he was quite sick afterwards. Today he’s had a mini baby yeo valley yoghurt and been really sick again after it.
What is he allergic too??? He can have cows milk in it’s pure form but can’t seem to tolerate cheese and yoghurt!! Help!

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LeGrandBleu Mon 02-Dec-19 19:11:00

There is a difference between milk in its natural form and milk that has been decomposed and fragmented into milk solids, milk proteins, milk sugars, and so on. The same applies to most food and it has now been proven and alerts have been made that a food is not the sum of its parts and that the extraction of one can cause and provoke allergy reaction,

Depending on the country, legislation allows to write as little on the ingredients list. Most industrial yoghurt and this includes baby yoghurt, add milk proteins or milk solids. They might say yoghurt on ingredients list without specifying how it is made . Then for the fruit paste, they would add concentrated juice, which is concentrated sugar!
The same applies to cheese. A lot are made out of reconstitute milk fat, milk protein, many use colorant and so on.

Try " parmigiano reggiano" not parmesan, or " grana padano" or gruyere , authentic cheeses that don't use ultra-processing methods.

If you want to try yoghurt, maybe try doing your own, and then make apple sauce yourself (cut apple in tiny pieces, put in pot, cover fruit with water + 1cm more water, let simmer at low heat for 30 min, blend. ) or a tiny amount of jam to flavour and sweeten it.

INeedNewShoes Mon 02-Dec-19 19:15:06


This is really interesting.

Sorry, OP, I can’t be of much help. I’d be as baffled as you are!

We’re nearly 2 years into starting the ladder and still only on the shepherd’s pie/lasagne rung confused

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