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Intolerance and bloating

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myidentitymycrisis Thu 28-Nov-19 23:11:22

I am sure I have some kind of intolerance. Need some advice on what might be going on.

I have recently noticed quite distinct symptoms of bloat and indigestion if I eat a cookie or Jaffa cake after at least 12 hours without carbs like bread or pasta.
Today I ate porridge for breakfast with apple cream and a little syrup. For lunch a few tomato and celery, satsuma, half a croissant, all ok. I had a coffee and tea with cows milk. All good until about 4 pm when I ate half a chocolate cookie, then within 30 minutes bad bloating and pain lasting a few hours. The same thing has happened if I ate a Jaffa cake in the afternoon following a mostly vegetables day. I get a lot of headache also. Any ideas ? I need help

Elieza Thu 28-Nov-19 23:40:07

Bloating and pain within 30mins of eating seems quite soon so presumably it’s in your tummy rather than your intestines. So more tummy indigestion than bloated lower abdomen?

Or could it be that it is indeed in your lower abdomen in your intestines and it’s not the Jaffa that’s causing it as it’s the food you had for lunch causing the problems as that makes its way through your gut? The Jaffa just coincides and is unrelated?

What happens if you don’t eat anything at jaffa time? Or just eat veg or fruit at Jaffa time? Once you work that out you may be further forward in finding the cause?

myidentitymycrisis Fri 29-Nov-19 07:58:04

Thanks I see your point it could be the combination of the other foods. I definitely bloated though.
Yesterday it wasn’t a Jaffa cake but a chocolate cookie? So could it be something in both of them?

I’m trying to avoid the 4 o’clock biscuits, yesterday was stuck in a meeting, starving, and it was the only food left

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