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Ezcema / alternative therapy - advice please!

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luyt Thu 21-Nov-19 18:35:52

My 18 month old daughter has ezcema. It was bad over the summer, to the point that we were struggling to control it with pretty strong steroids. She also had CMPA from around 6 weeks (altho we are nearly at the top of the milk ladder now). I get ezcema and hayfever and am gaining animal allergies as I'm getting older.

My mum previously used a homeopathy when I was a baby which she strongly feels really helped my ezcema and make it controllable. So I looked for something similar and someone on my local Facebook network recommended a naturopath with a specialist in allergies.

On the basis of this recommendation I made an appointment. I have to say I didn't warm to the lady on the phone. But that didn't seem the important thing and I pushed ahead regardless.

In the time between me booking the appointment and the appointment coming round summer turned to autumn and the temperature dropped, and her ezcema got significantly better. We are now only needing to use steroid creams every now and then but it feels managed, where it didn't before.

Nonetheless I felt like it was worth cracking on with the naturopath to see if we could get to the bottom of what was causing it and significantly, to treat heat (which I assume is a big part of it).

After about 8 appointments (and over £300 spent) I took stock a bit and messaged the woman ahead of an appointment to say I was concerned nothing had changed and we still hadn't got to treating heat (which is at the bottom of a big long list). She sent me a few cryptic messages which I had to say I didn't understand and in the end I just asked if we could please discuss it at the appointment.

The appointments are an hour away from our house and basically take out one whole day a week because I never know what I can feed her after so need to be at home to cobble something together. In addition to that, because I struggle with the woman I always kind of dread going. Which again wastes a whole day of my week with my dd.

Anyway I won't get into specifics but the woman did not take my messages well at all and basically accused me of accusing her of fraud. She had never really explained the process to me and got very defensive and actually angry. I reacted by just trying to make everything less awkward and basically saying "ok we will do whatever you say" because I didn't feel like I could do anything else.

So my question (if you've got this far!) is what do I do?? Do I keep going because I've come this far and heat treatment isn't too far off? Or do I sack it off? I don't think it's made any difference to her ezcema so far and I have no idea how long it will take to get heat treated.

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oscarsmummy2017 Sun 24-Nov-19 07:47:00

Have your tried wet wrapping?? My son had severe eczema and was under specialist at alder hey children hospital ( had also been under 4 different hospitals with no luck with them) when we first went she was mortified the wet wrap treatment hadn't been done early as he was now 15months and had been dealing with it for birth!! After 3 or 4 wraps he was absolutely clear, we do sometime get the odd spot of it but I just use bio oil gel on it and steroids do nothing for him now and we're clear agin in a few days

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