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Oral Amoxicillin challenge, can we have skin test instead?

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OhWhatAPalaver Thu 24-Oct-19 13:57:28

Does anyone here have experience with amoxicillin allergy and skin testing /oral challenge? My 7 year old had mild hives after a couple of doses of amoxicillin last year and allergy consultant referred her for an oral challenge. Is it not possible to have a skin test instead? I'm really not keen on giving her antibiotics when she doesn't need them. Antibiotics have totally wrecked my gut and I've had a scary experience of difficult bacteria that was resistant to multiple antibiotics hence why I'm so concerned. From a Google search it seems a skin test is possible and usually the first port of call, so why would the consultant refer straight to an oral challenge? Thanks in advance.

OneHanded Tue 29-Oct-19 03:00:33

This really surprises me as when I was on amoxicillin they advised me most people have a hives reaction to it when they prescribed it? She said give it a few weeks and if anything else progresses (ie, throat swelling, excess vomiting, etc) to call her.

OhWhatAPalaver Thu 31-Oct-19 15:43:55

Oh ok, how weird! I've had it but never had hives with it before. Maybe they're being cautious because she's allergic to a lot of other stuff as well.

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