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mazzamoo123 Mon 21-Oct-19 15:09:39


My GP has just prescribed Similac for my LO (7 weeks old). I was just wondering what to expect - how long will it be until I see a difference? What are the possible side effects?

I’m not convinced my LO has a CPMA. She’s very up and down - incredibly settled after some feeds and not after others but I’d have thought if it was an allergy the symptoms would be constant. She is very snuffly and has terrible wind - she’s often straining and crying if she needs to fart or poo. But as she can be pretty settled and isn’t bad at night (I feed her and can put her back in her cot fairly easily), I’m scared about going on the new milk in case she gets worse! Also, she tried it the other day and hated it - she screamed and screamed! Do I just persevere?


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