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Diahrea every day

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FoggyHazeyMaybe Fri 18-Oct-19 13:29:12

For the last 6 months I have had diahrea every time i have needed a number 2. I thought it might of been caused by the antidepressents i was on but i havnt took them for 6 weeks and it is still the same

I have also had ireegular bleeding the past 6 months which i have a gynacologist appointment for next month ( im not if the 2 are connected )

Has anybody hace any idea what could be causing it? I am not overweight, i am an active person and i dont eat crap but regardless of what i eat i still have diahrea. When indo need to go the feeling hits me suddenly aswell

If i have chocolate or "crap" then i get painful cramps and it is worse than usual but my usual shouldnt be diahrea should it?

Im ringing the Doctors tomorrow morning to make an appointment but in the meantime id like to see if anyone else has had similar?

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