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Advice please! CMPA

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leekpotatopea Thu 17-Oct-19 17:19:33

I've suspected for a while my 3 month old may have CMPA.

He's BF. Has the odd bottle of cow and gate (although less than 10 ready made bottles in total)

Baby can be snuffly when feeding. Coughs mid BF sometimes and sneezes often.

Baby had terrible eczema early on, now under control but has the occasional flare up - tends to be 2-3 days after a bit of formula.

Baby has EXPLOSIVE poos. Always loud, yellow and runny. Sometimes look a bit mucousy but not often.

Baby is gassy! Pops loads most mornings.

Otherwise baby is very happy and gaining weight. No excessive crying or writhing around with tummy pains.

Thing is, I want to move to formula feeding as BF is beginning to take is toll. And I consume so much dairy I thought I'd see signs when he BFs?

Anyone have any experience of this or advice for me? Anything to reduce the anxiety would really help!

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