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CMPA or not?

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AnnieCat84 Mon 07-Oct-19 19:01:36

Hi Everyone!

I'd like your experiences of CMPA as I have no idea if there's a chance my DS has it or if I'm just being a paranoid first time Mum blush please bear with me on the long post!

DS is 12 weeks old and BF. He's had the odd bottle of formula, one a week or less. I'd like to give formula more regularly with the aim to stop breastfeeding eventually!

Here are my concerns:

At 3/4 weeks he developed baby acne style spots on his face which became a red, itchy raised face all over his face, arms and chest. At this point he'd been given formula but the rash began before this. This was also during a ridiculous heat wave! Went back and forth to Dr who diagnosed baby eczema, got the creams and now he is fine aside from the occasional flare up.

I've since been logging if/when his rash flares up. Sometimes 2-3 days after some formula a bit of the rash flares up (see picture). The rash has also come up when there has been no formula. It has never been anywhere near as bad as it was initially. He has the odd day where he is sick more than usual, sometimes after formula, sometimes without.

I'm unsure if this is a dairy allergy because I eat and drink SO much dairy myself! Would it not show itself through the breast milk? Also when he does have formula it's very rarely a full bottle.

Aside from this he's a happy baby. He has fussy periods but not enough to ever concern me. He's a bit farty in the mornings sometimes and has runny yellow poos which are often loud and explosive, but no blood and from what I can tell no mucus.

Do I just introducing a bottle a day and see how it goes? I'm guessing if he has an allergy I'll learn that pretty soon. It's just these little signs that put me off!

Any advice around your own experiences would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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