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can it come back

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jaspersslave Sun 12-Aug-07 19:59:27

when my ds was 4 months he was diagnosed as lactose intolerent after what was thought to be a gastric bug (though i think he had it since birth) once he got to a year the dietician told me to put him back on dairy products and every thing seemed to be fine.
about 6 months ago his poo seemed to be getting runny again and it has just got worse and worse till now when it is awful and really smelly, he gets bleeding cold sores and blisters on his fingers and after anything really milky like cheese spread etc he is irritable and tired (he normally happy and hyperactive)
is it possible for it to come back
he seeing doctor this week

jaspersslave Sun 12-Aug-07 19:59:53

he now nearly 3

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