Milk allergy - alternatives to cows' milk for 6yo

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ellieboo9 Mon 16-Sep-19 14:10:34

My 6 year old daughter is being investigated for milk allergy and has to avoid all milk proteins for next 4 weeks. Can anyone share their experiences with different milk substitutes for cereal/porridge? She's quite happy with soya yoghurt but has a fit every time she tastes soya milk! We've also tried rice milk and almond to no avail. Just wondering which of the alternative milks might be the most similar to cow's milk? So far I've gone for unsweetened versions of the above - might that be the problem?

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NannyR Mon 16-Sep-19 14:15:05

I've found that the oatly semi chilled (not long life) tastes most like dairy milk.

Zebee Thu 19-Sep-19 18:13:05

None - we use oat milk for different things but it doesn’t taste like cows milk. We have found we needed to switch to a different breakfast than cereal, which is a pain.

BlodwynBludd Thu 19-Sep-19 18:24:34

Oat milk in porridge is lovely I've found it works well on most cereals but isn't great in hot drinks.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 19-Sep-19 18:25:49

Porridge can be made with water. Add flavour with fruit purée (we use squeezy Ella’s pouches). Unsurprisingly, oat milk also works well with porridge!
Hazelnut milk is milder in flavour than almond milk (and it’s extra delicious with Coco Pops!)

beela Thu 19-Sep-19 18:27:10

Yes, definitely oat milk in porridge.

Cracklycaramel Thu 19-Sep-19 18:27:17

Another vote for oatly. Dd is not allergic to milk (peanuts are her thing) but just isn't a fan of cows milk. An extensive taste test had Oatly come out on top.

Absoluteunit Thu 19-Sep-19 18:34:01

Yep oat milk 100%

embarrassedabout Thu 19-Sep-19 18:40:57

I can't remember what cows milk tastes like but maybe try sweetened soya milk or coconut milk?

buzzkills Thu 19-Sep-19 18:43:34

Oat milk - oatly is our fave

Homealone3 Thu 19-Sep-19 19:06:32

Chocolate soya milk

Oatly milk with a flavoured straw

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