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swimming in chlorinated water for babies & risk of asthma

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mumtobe9 Fri 06-Sep-19 22:34:21

Hi, I just attended the first baby swimming class of a 10 week course. My baby is 4 months old and today, a midwife friend told me about how bad it is to expose babies to chlorinated water. I personally hate chlorinated water, i feel it in my lungs when i breathe in but she is a bit of a hippy so as a healthcare professional I decided to do some proper research. What was my surprise when i found some recent studies linking swimming before 1-2 years of age to different allergies, inflammation & infections of the respiratory system. This is one of them with full text:,79810,0,2.html

I know i shouldn't be paranoid, its only 30 mins x10 sessions. but she is CMPA and both parents are allergic to different things in the air so i don't want to put her at higher risk. It's crazy that the evidence is there and most people still don't know the risks (elite swimmers & pool workers tend to develop respiratory problems too), especially when the babies are continuously splashed in the face and put underwater. Ok, this is hypochondriac me, i hope it ls not as bad as i am making it to be!

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