Cows milk allergy and reflux help!

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Sorph Wed 28-Aug-19 18:32:14

Hello does anyone have any idea how long it takes for little one to settle after switching to cows formula? My daughter is 5 weeks and she has had a horrendous time with silent reflux (ended up being admitted) she is extremely fussy and unsettled screaming most of day passing stools with mucusy blood and generally unhappy and seeming to be in pain. It's horrendous and heart breaking to watch. Today gp has said.could be cows milk allergy too and has given us a new formula to try. She is.still screaming house down (I assume it's related to previous feeds as only had 1 bottle of new feed). I have read takes 2-3 weeks for dairy to leave system and I honestly can't cope that long (how selfish! Its not like it's me suffering like she is!!) But it's horrific to watch and be unable to help and before i knew it wasnt normal had me demented thinking i cant cope with being a mum if this is what parenting is like (new mum) Anyone with my experience able to give me realist idea of how soon I can expect an improvement please? I know we are lucky to have gp intervene so early on but it really is a traumatising time for us all even if we not been suffering as long as some people do before treatment.

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YeahNahWhal Thu 29-Aug-19 09:17:32

It was close to 2wks for us, sorry. I know how hard it is for you guys right now. Are you taking turns with your partner overnight?

Has the GP offered meds for reflux yet? And have you tried paracetamol? Baby is in pain, it's worth a try for both of you.


Sorph Thu 29-Aug-19 12:22:08

Thank you so much for your reply! Is your little one ok now then? Yeah she been on gaviscon and ranitidine since 3 day old it does help. Do you think cwpa makes wind worse? I'm grateful ahe is gaining weight though. My mum has come and oh is good to be fair we are lucky and in better position than some i know that so I should count my lucky stars really x

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YeahNahWhal Fri 30-Aug-19 09:10:19

Oh, mine are primary schoolers now, reflux a long ago issue. 😁 But you never forget those early days. Hang in there mate, you'll get thru the worst in the next couple of days. xx

Sorph Fri 30-Aug-19 10:09:18

Thanks! X

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