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What is this skin reaction? (Not yucky don't worry!)

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BoomerangLurker Fri 16-Aug-19 15:03:48

I got a new watch band which turns out was some cheap metal coated with silver. After a week of wearing it I got a rash of raised spots and my wrist was itchy as mad. I stopped wearing it and put my old silicone one back on. But it's almost two weeks on and these spots haven't gone. I've got a few patches around my wrist. I've been having to cover them with plasters or bandages because they're beyond itchy. It's so itchy I can't concentrate on anything I just have this constant need to scratch so I'm doing all I can to stop myself.

I've never been allergic to anything so whilst I initially thought this was a mild reaction/intolerance surely this would have passed now? Anyone any ideas? I've been to the pharmacist and they just told me to cover it and it would pass but it's not reducing at all.

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YeahNahWhal Sat 17-Aug-19 06:15:44

I'm allergic to nickel and when I wear cheap jewellery, it looks like that. Insanely itchy! Have you tried an antihistamine? Might help with the itch while the rash heals. A topical steroid is also helpful, not sure if you can buy them OTC where you are?

BoomerangLurker Sat 17-Aug-19 21:32:25

I've been overdosing on antihistamines lol. I have a massive Aloe Vera plant I bought when my son was born because my grandma use to snap bits off hers when we were kids and rub it on cuts and burns and everything. My husband just said why not use your plant? Duh! Lol instant relief and today it's calmed down so so much.

Thanks for your help glad to know it looks like a nickel reaction

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