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Does anyone recognise these symptoms please?

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wineoclockthanks Wed 14-Aug-19 20:34:44

Started at end of April:
Severe stomach pains about an hour after eating, not every meal but at least 5-6 times a week. Very bloated and such pain which lasts about 45 mins after which I am either sick or it just goes away (and 10 minutes later it's like it never happened).
I have lost nearly 3 stone in weight.
No diarrhoea and normal bowel movements.

I've had blood and poo tests both normal. Abdominal ultrasound - all looks normal.
I'm awaiting results of the biopsy's from an endoscopy but stomach and duodenum look normal. Awaiting the results of an MMI to check for adhesions on my bowel.

I've found cutting out rice and gluten for the last couple of weeks seems to have stopped all the symptoms but the lack of diarrhoea seems to point away from gluten being the problem.

Any ideas anyone please?

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justasking111 Wed 14-Aug-19 20:39:04

you poor thing. No idea if your endoscopy has come back normal. Gall bladder checked?

wineoclockthanks Wed 14-Aug-19 21:26:18

Thanks for replying, should have said, I had gallbladder out in 2016.

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justasking111 Wed 14-Aug-19 22:13:02

Well it could be this. There is a thread somewhere on it.

wineoclockthanks Mon 19-Aug-19 20:08:20

Thanks, I'll raise this with my consultant.
Thank you for replying.

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