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SMA Althera baby will not drink it

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Lunafortheloveogod Tue 13-Aug-19 11:01:11

We had the paediatrician nearly a week ago and were advised to do another milk trial (3rd all in as she thought the first two weren’t long enough/conclusive) the first time he took Althera and Alfamino ok.. maybe a little reluctantly but it didn’t help gastric symptoms. And at the time his skin was put down to baby acne.

His skins now broken out in eczema head to foot that only steriods manage to keep calm. Every where besides his nappy/face/hands and feet are red scaly and if they’re lucky blotchy but most is solid. DS still has reflux and does best on colief if he becomes colicky and constipated. He won’t drink the hipp comfort milk or the Althera at all now, he screaming and the most he’s taking is 2oz at a time. Feeds now take the whole 3 hours and he’s only getting 4oz in that time, he usually drinks 8oz of hipp organic with minimal fuss and has been ok ish on that with ranitidine for vomiting and colief for poos just no control over the ezcema.

It probably doesn’t help he’s teething so already a cranky child.

But is there an alternative something that tastes better (hv takes a day or two to call back and I’ve called gp almost 100 times and there’s no answer it’s impossible to get through to them before lunch)

I’ve read about wysoy but ds is obviously male and apparently you shouldn’t give it to boys before 6 months.. he’s 5 months.

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BoomerangLurker Fri 16-Aug-19 15:10:49

The soya thing has been disproven a few times. Plus most babies with CMPA can't tolerate soya milk anyway as it's a similar protein. It sounds like feeding aversion if he won't take the hipp either. We gradually swapped over at about the same age swapped one ounce a day.

What bottles are you using? We found MAM to be amazing. I tried one out of desperation and the impact was brilliant.

Are you using a thickener? This will help a lot as alternative milks are a lot thinner.

I would suggest doing some research into feeding aversion. But unfortunately all the alternative milks are pretty nasty none of them taste as remotely as sweet as normal formula. It's also not uncommon for them to take far less combination of reflux reducing so less need for comfort feeding and getting used to the taste. It does tend to go back up once they're more used to it after a few weeks.

Kanga83 Fri 16-Aug-19 15:15:15

I wouldn't give Soya, most allergists won't give it either. Two separate allergists have refused to give it to my boy. The alternative to Alfamino is Puramino. We mixed it with a little oat milk to start with. You can buy fortified oat milk.

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