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CMPA or something else?

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Thegirlwithnousername Fri 26-Jul-19 13:19:17

My DD is 4 month's old and or a while I have been wondering if she has some stomach issues.
Yesterday I had a play date with some friends and one pointed out she might have CMPA. I am unsure as she only has the tummy issues not rashes or eczema.
These include:
-She has always been a really windy baby.
-She's had some green poos.
-She's has mucus in her poo.
Today I noticed quite a strong acidic smell.

I have a GP appointment on Tuesday afternoon and have taken pictures of the poos she has had today to show them.
Does it sound like she may have it?
Google gives you such mixed results from CMPA to Teething to Hindmilk/formilk misbalance.
Thanks for the advice.

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