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dd1 really snotty and sneezy every morning....

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geekgirl Mon 30-Jul-07 08:31:33

this has been going on for ages, months, maybe years - dd1 wakes up with a very stuffy nose every morning and sneezes loads. She often feels very washed out and has sore eyes.

It all settles down after an hour or so and she is back to normal.

I've tried various things - moving the hamster cage out of her room, putting a dustmite-proof cover on her mattress and washing all her bedding.
Her room does not have carpet and just a couple of cuddly toys.

She doesn't really have any other allergic problems - she had moderate eczema when she was little but now only gets it around her eyes.

I'm at a bit of a loss now really as to what else I can do - any ideas?

alexw Mon 30-Jul-07 08:36:03

Open window in bedroom or bowl of water under radiator to keep air moist?

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