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Eczema tips??

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Sallymc1993 Sat 06-Jul-19 09:29:24

Anyone got any good tips for managing eczema? Doctor gives us steroid cream (and I moisturise lo with aveeno) but when the steriod course finishes it flares up again. We have been referred to allergy clinic but heard nothing as of yet. I have switched her to soya milk, and avoid egg and nuts.... all the creams in the world don't seem to help especially in this hot weather it's driving her mad and effects her sleep poor thing sad thanks in advance. LO is 2 years.

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HJWT Sat 06-Jul-19 09:40:26

@Sallymc1993 This is the only product that keep's DD's eczema at bay! If I don't use it for a couple of days it flares up and becomes like a second layer of thick crusty skin and she says 'so itchy' all the time 😟

It is expensive but currently on offer at boots so grab a bottle! Its in the baby skin care section.

We use it twice a day but the doctor at hospital said if eczema is really bad you should cream it at least 6 times a day, we shower/bath dd every other night, don't use anything in the bath then use sanex at the end and wash it of just before we get her out.

Fairy comfort is really bad for eczema and washing powder is trial and error, the one at Aldi none bio is fine for DD.

We also give her piriton when its really itchy otherwise she wakes up in the night.

Sallymc1993 Sat 06-Jul-19 14:47:48

Thank you!! Will definitely go and buy a bottle!

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bigredship Sat 06-Jul-19 15:47:13

Check out CeraVe products too

GreenTulips Sat 06-Jul-19 15:48:30

Buy an Aloevera plants and use the juice in the leaves

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