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Possible CMPA?

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Moominy12 Fri 05-Jul-19 19:58:31

I'm really at the end of my tether and starting to get depressed over it.

My 5 week old daughter is just so unsettled. I literally cannot put her down. I've tried EVERYTHING. Position wise, swaddling etc. She grunts and turns red when feeding and screams after feeds. She just doesnt sleep. Shes in constant pain with her tummy. Only taking 1oz a feed.

Doctors have tried gaviscon but no change. Tried Aptimal Pepti but again it didnt change anything. Shes now on omeprazole and on comfort milk to see if that helps.

But still, shes just soooooo unsettled. Just does not sleep. Always jolting in pain. She has terrible bum wind and it stinks but think that's the comfort milk going through her system as it's been 4 days.

Has anyone experienced this and found out what it is causing it? Or what helped?

My Health Visitor said her son was the same and turned out to have CMPA. Would that cause her to be like this? But the Aptamil Pepti didnt seem to make a difference either. She sneezes all the time, is terribly congested and snotty for 3 weeks now.

She screams in her car seat and just seems to look in pain constantly. It's as if she wants a feed but it hurts taking one. Just cant stand seeing her like this anymore.

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JeanMichelBisquiat Fri 05-Jul-19 20:13:26

Aptamil pepti is hydrolised whey protein - for some kids, the fact it's hydrolised will mean they don't react, but for others you need an amino acid-based formula like Neocate. If you've not tried at least two weeks on Neocate, I wouldn't rule out CMPA as being the issue.

JeanMichelBisquiat Fri 05-Jul-19 20:14:58

Ps sounds like it might very well be CMPA. Take good care of yourself - unfortunately it's common to have to push for answers/knowledgeable treatment.

Laksv Sun 11-Aug-19 18:05:02

My daughter also had similar issues (she was on Formula milk) and we did see a Pediatric Consultant privately.He suspected it to be CMPA and to confirm she was put on neocate for two weeks.Her issues went away after that and it was confirmed she has Milk allergy.Consultant wrote to her GP and they then prescribed Neocate for her.

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