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Probiotics and eczema

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gingerninja Fri 27-Jul-07 14:52:18

I've read that probiotics have been used successfully in the management of infant eczema and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences to share?

My DD was diagnosed as having sebhoric (sp) eczema so it makes sense that a probiotic might be effective but it'd be good to hear of any other experiences too.

gingerninja Mon 30-Jul-07 10:41:47


KerryMumbledore Mon 30-Jul-07 10:52:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumbledore Mon 30-Jul-07 10:53:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gingerninja Mon 30-Jul-07 14:45:18

Thanks Kerry. DD is 11 months. I've found our Dr's a bit sneary at non conventional remedies. Did yours recommend the EP? Mine looked at me like I was mad when I said I'd used porridge oats in the bath.

KerryMumbledore Mon 30-Jul-07 20:33:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catnapper Mon 30-Jul-07 20:56:09

Hi gingerninja, have just started using Solgar's ABC dophilus powder myself for dd who is 7.5 months. She only has slight eczema on ankles, arms and tummy which was under control with Aveeno cream. It flares up though when she is cutting a new tooth and I read on here that it's all connected (as is the explosive poo!) and this probiotic was recommended - 5 days so far. Although have just nipped out to kitchen to put it in the fridge as per post from KerryMD - yikes, it's probably useless now. Will watch this thread and give a progress update if you like; although not sure if I should use it constantly or during toothy times only.

gingerninja Tue 31-Jul-07 09:59:29

Excellent, thanks for your responses and advice. I'll look that stuff up and the eczema society.

chestnutty Thu 09-Aug-07 14:47:30

Have looked at the range of probotics at supermarket this morning and they are all yoghurt based.
Would I be able to find a dairy free one at a health food shop?

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