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Mystery severe allergy out of the blue - on going. Help!

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HomeHell Sat 15-Jun-19 11:22:25

Last Friday in work I started to feel ill.with a scratchy throat. Friday evening I was flushed and itchy. I took an antihistamine and went to bed. Awoke Sat morning with swollen face, lips and rash all over. Saw OOH whokprescribed 5 days of Presnisolone Steroids and 4 x a day anti histamine. Started to feel better as day went on. Swelling reduced etc.
Awoke Sunday feeling dreadful. Stiff ache swollen again etc. By midday I had severe and I pains and diarrheoa. I was just passing pure water.
Rash and swelling subsided but I have a low level rash on my arms that come and goes. I feel very mildly itchy all over still.
Wednesday went to GP who said tablets could be making me feel so awful and rostop steroids as they can upset tummy. She prescribed different non drowsy anti histamines. She was sure tummy issue is allergy related.
Thursday I fainted probably due to lack.of food and dehydration I think. Felt nauseous. Still with a Rash and general itchy feeling. Diarrhoea still going on and tummy pains.
Thursday pm a friend popped in and was horrified. She gave me flat coke and rich tea biscuits and by 9pm I felt perkier but still in and out the loo.
Friday I ate more biscuits and concentrated on getting my fluids up which is a constant battle because every time I open my bowels fluid just comes out. Energy wise I'm.feeling much better but I'm still feeling itchy and generally allergic with a rash that's worst in my arms.
I'm guessing my tummy won't settle until the allergy goes completely.
I just have no idea what can be causing it.
I ate nothing Mon to Thurs. Drank only water. Showered maybe twice. No new products I have eaten, used in the home or on myself.
Just feeling drained, weak and utterly fed up. Anyone ever had a reaction like this before? Did it ever end?
Just after any advice or help really. I'm at my wits end.

bluebluezoo Sat 15-Jun-19 11:24:22

Shellfish? Can take a while to come on and then go...

HomeHell Sat 15-Jun-19 22:04:19

No shellfish consumed for quite a while so I don't think it could be that.

SoupDragon Mon 17-Jun-19 19:06:50

How are you feeling now?

HomeHell Mon 17-Jun-19 20:25:29

Hi, I'm feeling a bit brighter. I have eaten some cereal and toast today. I've kept it down and it's been 16 hours since a loo dash.
My tummy is gurgly. One side of my face us very very slightly puffy. The rash on my arm has gone I think but left a dry punk rock shabby mess.
The skin on my face us dry but the flushing has gone.

I'm really hoping I'm coming to the end if this reaction.

I feel drained and weak but that's hardly surprising after such a long time being ill.

lorns01 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:59:08

Hi @HomeHell how are you after your scary experience? I'm experiencing similar, on average once a month so think my body gets to a point where it reacts and rejects whatever it is I'm allergic to x

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