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New (scary) allergies in adults - anyone come across a duck egg allergy?!

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DobbyMOO Tue 24-Jul-07 14:04:17

DH recently suspected that he may have become allergic to duck eggs after having sudden severe vomiting after eating them on two occasions recently. He has since avoided having them in semi-cooked forms like scrambled or fried eggs, but seems to be OK when they're cooked in a cake.

On Sunday I made a lemon meringue pie and without thinking put in 1 duck egg (plus a couple of chook eggs). Within 10 minutes he felt as though his throat was tight, had tingling lips and was vomiting.

Does this sound like an allergy and is it possible to be allergic to one form of eggs specifically and to be able to eat them when cooked very well, but not semi-cooked? Is this likely to develop into full-blown anaphylaxis? This could be a problem as we keep ducks...


Julia76 Tue 24-Jul-07 18:11:04

I think I had an allergic reaction last night after eating some wine gums. The thing is I ahve eaten them all my life. I do not eat the every day, but have eaten them alot in the past & been fine. Last night I ate quite alot of them & not long after the roof of my mouth, tongue & gums were very itchy. 1 side of my lip was sore butno blisters developed. I ate some more later when it had calmed down & the same thing happened.I didnt take any anti histamine although I perhaps should have. Anyway, when I woke up this am I was fine. I cant undersatnd why I have all of a sudden had a reaction to an ingredient. But it does happen. Alot of egg allergic people from what I have read can eat them in cakes but not semi coooked or fried, scrambled etc. If he felyt his throat go tight, lips tingle & started vomiting I would advice him to avoid them and visit his gp or allergy clinic. It sounds as if he has already experienced a very nasty reactions & it could be alot wose next time. Sorry I cant hepl much more, m sure someone will comalong & beable to advice you some more soon. If in the event of te same thing happening again, seek medica advice as tihngs could get alot worse next time.

Julia76 Sat 28-Jul-07 01:01:05

Ate some more wine gums tonight. There is definately an ingrediant in them that I must be allergic to as the same thing happened after eaten only 3 this time but my lips, tongue, roof of mouth etc were tingly as well as itchy this time. My neck & face became itchy although a rash did not appear. The only thing I can think of is that it could be the"sulphite" what ever that is. The wine gums are a different make to the one's I have had before & this is probably the reason I have not experienced this before. Dobby, hows your dh?

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Wed 08-Aug-07 09:22:37

DobbyMOO, hope you are still around.

The symptoms you describe seem very much like the things that will get me very worried about anaphylaxis. The fact that the reaction is getting worse with every exposure is also VERY worrying.

Please avoid the duck eggs, it shouldn't be difficult to do that at all, and ask DH to talk to GP ASAP. If it happens again it may get very dangerous, you should not risk it.

edam Wed 08-Aug-07 09:24:51

Second Isabel's very sensible and important advice. Don't muck around with serious allergic reactions like these.

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