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Allergies anxiety

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Harismum Sat 08-Jun-19 21:25:15

Hi all

I’m new here and looking for a little support (a bit of a long post .. apologies!)

My son is 15mo and has a diagnosed cmpa and suspected egg, peanuts, treenuts and peas allergies.

Today, we add Coriander to the mix. This has been his first allergic reaction since last September 2018. I’d previously been hopeful that he perhaps was growing out his allergies but today was a rude awakening that I guess allergic reactions can happen from any types of foods, anytime and anywhere.

I returned back to this week and it has been an adjustment for the both of us. Whilst at work, he is cared for by his grandparents and is due to start nursery in September. However, after today’s reaction which was his worst, I’m wondering whether I just give up on the job and stay home with him full time until he is older and more able to communicate and understand his allergies. The anxiety of leaving him and potentially having a reaction when I’m not there is overwhelming. As silly as it sounds, i feel like his reaction today after so long but just after me returning to work is a sign (some would say coincidence). I’m also quite certain my husband won’t agree to it.

Am I being irrational? How do you cope with being away from your allergy child and trusting others to look after them as well as you would? I just feel awful and would like to protect him the best way possible.

Thanks in advance
H’s mum

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benderinabun Sat 08-Jun-19 21:42:51

Hi, my DS has severe CMPA and egg white allergy, not epi pen level thankfully, but immediate violent vomiting/hives etc. He's 3.5 now, and its very well controlled (avoided) but when he was tiny it was a bit scary. He had blood tests through the allergy clinic to rule out other allergens eg. nuts, animals etc.
He started with a childminder at 11 months who is experienced in catering for kids with allergies. We've never had a problem while in her care but he had his Piriton with him at all times. He's also looked after a fair amount by MIL and had a couple of accidental occurrences there as she didn't really 'get it' at first (that's a whole different thread grin)
I'd imagine if your nursery is a good one they'd be super careful, even more so than you would be? How severe are your DC's allergies?

Harismum Sat 08-Jun-19 22:02:02

Thanks and glad to hear your little one’s allergies are well controlled now. And don’t we all have MIL stories to share grin

His reactions so far have included hives and mucus in poo so have been managed with Piriton. We do have epipens as his blood work for nuts came back moderately high.

His nursery seems to have good protocol in place from what I can tell.

I suppose it’s more my anxiety and wondering if his allergy list continues to grow, how could he have anything but homemade food? At the same time, I don’t want to keep him in a little bubble either with his mum constantly being around! It just feels very overwhelming.

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benderinabun Sat 08-Jun-19 22:23:48

The nursery will make homemade food though right? I understand the nuts thing is a bit scary though. He'll have to go to school at some point (without you!) so I think nursery is good practice for that. Could you make an appointment with them to sit down and lay on thick how dangerous his allergies can be? I'm sure as you say their set up is good enough, but might put your mind at ease?

Harismum Sat 08-Jun-19 22:55:33

I think you’re right. He will need to go to school eventually so I guess I best get used to it now.

I’ll set up a meeting with the nursery to talk through his allergies etc and see how we get on. Just wish I could do more to protect him.

Thanks again!

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SkydivingKittyCat Sat 08-Jun-19 23:01:09

Could you send him with a packed lunch? My DS is off to nursery soon and they request we provide lunches anyway. He's just been found to have a suspected egg allergy and knowing that I have to provide his food makes life much easier (and less of a worry!)

Can I ask what happens with the allergy referral? You mention bloods, is that standard? My DS has an appointment in October

Harismum Sun 09-Jun-19 08:15:44

Packed lunch may be an option. I will definitely ask.

We were referred to an allergy specialist and in the first appointment, the skin prick tests were done. This was to confirm the likelihood an allergy exists. We did this for a number of his suspected allergens. At his next appointment 3 months later, they did a blood test for nuts specifically. So I suspect, your little one won’t have a blood test the first time around until they have enough information. However, I would recommend calling ahead just in case they manage things differently because the blood test and skin prick tend to go hand in hand.

If it’s any reassurance, my DS seemed fine with both and didn’t cry. They do try and make it as painless for them as possible! All the best with your appt.

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