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kerryl Mon 23-Jul-07 00:21:11

My Grandma used to swear by vaseline up your nose as a remedy to hay fever. My husband tried it and it does seem to help!! little bit of vaseline on a cotton bud and just wipr inside nostril. Not sure if you should do it to kids though.

BadHair Mon 23-Jul-07 00:28:55

Yes, the greasy vaseline "catches" the pollen and prevents it getting to your nasal passages.

Another good remedy is to eat locally produced honey on a regular basis - not loads, just a teaspoon a day - as this builds up your immunity to the local pollen. Works too, but not as quickly as the vaseline remedy.

kerryl Mon 23-Jul-07 00:33:20

glad my grandma wasn't completely bonkers then! Unfortunately we have not had much of a summer here yet to generate pollen.

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