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Alternative to egg for sticking on breadcrumbs

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Tapster Sun 22-Jul-07 17:33:06

My DD 8.5months will only eat finger food and is allergic to egg. She loved the chicken goujons I made but had egg to stick on the breadcrumbs, also want to make my own fish fingers. What can I use?

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 22-Jul-07 17:34:40

milk or is that too wet ?

Mercy Sun 22-Jul-07 17:35:52

Melted butter?

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 22-Jul-07 17:36:14

bit of oil ??

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 17:37:12

I'm guessing maybe ground linseed mixed with a bit of water?

andiem Sun 22-Jul-07 17:39:08

milk is fine I use it to make chicken goujons

Tapster Sun 22-Jul-07 20:31:32

Will try milk but thought they wouldn't stick with just that.

elizabethmayli Sun 22-Jul-07 20:47:05

I've used yoghurt before with chicken goujons. Nigella's got it in one of her books

kjaysmum Sun 22-Jul-07 21:55:16

I've found so long as you dip them in the flour first then milk to make it sticky the breadcrumbs do stick, good luck

Aitch Sun 22-Jul-07 21:58:42

breadcrumbs do just stick to chicken ime, then bake rather than fry and they'll stay on.

Tapster Mon 23-Jul-07 09:22:35

Aitch you are right that putting them in the oven will help them bind together. Will try that.

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