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Red, swollen itchy eyes help!!

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Linnielou5 Sat 20-Apr-19 19:09:39

So a tinted my eyelashes, done a patch test which was fine so 2 days later I went ahead a done it. On Wednesday I decided to tint them again. My eyes had been slightly itchy at night for a couple of days before but just thought it was with my make up. When I put the tint on my eyes started to nip a little just before I had to take, took it off and my eyes were fine. Got up during the night and felt my eyes were funny when looking in the mirror they were a bit gunky. By morning they were red. I bought drops for irritated eyes, also went to the chemist and he gave me drops for hay fever. Today my eyes were stuck closed when I woke up, they are itchy, the whites are red, I look and feel awful. I went to a different chemist and got antibiotic eyedrops. I’m bathing them in cool water, taking antihistamines. Just before this happened I felt like I was getting a cold as I had a sore throat, I still feel like that but my nose is runny but not sure if it’s with my eyes. Other than taking myself to out of hours I don’t know what to do?? Any advice anyone please?x

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