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egg replacer

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Katsma Wed 11-Jul-07 00:53:48

When a recipe involves using flour, then egg, then crumbs, is there anything that can be used instead of the egg? DD is allergic. Do you think something sticky like Philadelphia cheese would work as a binder?

Got a commercial egg replacer leaflet, and it only mentions cake recipes, etc.

KerryMumbledore Wed 11-Jul-07 01:38:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gwu Wed 11-Jul-07 16:07:57

We use Orgran 'No Egg' egg replacer. Works well in cakes, pancakes, muffins.

Tartanmam Wed 11-Jul-07 18:56:20

What is it for Katsma? If the item you are trying to get the crumbs to stick to is quite moist anyway you can often do without the egg - i usually miss it off (or you could use milk if ok to eat it).

For meatballs and burgers i don;t bother with egg as a binder either, there are as many recipies that use egg as don't, and if you whizz up onions they usually get wet enough to bind things.

apologies if this is not what you mean.

alison222 Wed 11-Jul-07 19:10:20

Plain yoghurt works instead of the egg although the crumbs don't stick quite as well as they do with egg.

I have tried Orgran egg replacer and found it awful - what was I doing wrong then? Someone told me that soemthing called "energy" or said like that anyway works better has anyone else tried it?

Katsma Wed 11-Jul-07 23:01:44

Thanks everyone, some great ideas to try here. Am trying to make healthyish home-made chicken nuggets and fish cakes. Keep ending up with a 'nude' nugget and loads of frying crumbs

Maybe if I were to bake instead of fry, there would be less crumb loss!

Also, mixed reviews of egg replacer - will have to start practicing early for DDs 1st birthday cake!

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